My legs are covered with hives, my ankle is swollen

After 3 blissful weeks hive free, it has finally come to an end. I had my first xolair injection (3 weeks ago) and I was hive free immediately. I enjoyed Christmas so much to which I am so grateful.
But I woke up this morning and my legs are covered, my ankle is swollen and I feel like in 3 weeks I managed to forget the intense pain that accompanies this. I really hope I have an option to increase the next dosage!!!

xolair 150 mg


Nina Kiteley My daughter has to get Xolair every 3 weeks for her cold urticaria in the winter as the effects wear off. Some people need it every 2 weeks. It is amazing when it works though.

Jessica Ressler I get half dosages every 2 weeks and it works wonders!! A full dose would wear off in 2 weeks! So splitting the dosage really helped me! Good luck!

Amelia Louise That sounds like a plan! Do you still have to wait an hour and a half after each shot?

Jessica Ressler No! I never wait (well i wait before the shot while it “mixes”) but after injection I leave (I did have to wait a while after my first initial shot incase of a reaction)

Amelia Louise Jessica ahh ok that must be what I’m thinking of, I had to wait after my first one but hopefully not anymore. Thanks

Adriana Gajdos After almost 4 years on Xolair, my son experienced the same thing, it wore off at the 3 week mark. He is now doing 450 ( 3 shots) every 4 weeks. Its only been 2 months but it seems to get him through.

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