My mum read about benefits of Cumin water, now I have been hives free.

Hi Everyone, i have suffered from CIU(mostly stress and pressure) for the past 12 years. Have taken all kind of medications, be it allopathic, naturopathic or homeopathic. Nothing helped. Doc told me to start with cyclosporine, but my Hb was very low to start the doses. Steroids stopped working.My mum read about benefits of Cumin water, and started giving me daily since Jan 1. I have been hives free since then. I still take Prustat daily twice. But in these 29 days i have hived negligibly.
Life is easier and stress free when hives aren’t around.

From what I understand, cumin is a natural product and wont harm us. Can be taken along our daily medicines. Its pretty simple to make. Soak a teaspoon of cumin overnight, boil for some 5 mins and drink the water. Half a cup has worked fine for me. It is to be taken only for 3 months.

This has benefitted me a lot, so thought of sharing. Please do search on this and take the benefits.


Natalie Red Wow. I’m gonna try! thanks for sharing

Aditi Budhia Has to be taken first thing in the morning, empty stomach. If possible chew the cumin along.

Susan Belloni Wow, turns out Prustat is a second generation antihistamine from Japan for itching and urticaria. Had not heard of it before.

Aditi Budhia Prustat alone wasn’t working for me. Nor were the steroids. Started this cumin thing. Greatest relief in 12 yrs

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