my neck is unturnable, swollen, covered in huge hives.

hives on neck

So I slept funny, woke up a very stiff neck. Massaged it which caused a huge hives flare up. So then my neck is unturnable, swollen, covered in huge hives. I cover it in voltaren so that I can turn my neck ( needed to drive!). I tried icing it which made the pain better but hives worse. Luckily I don’t think the Volteren made the hives worse but it did say on the box to not use it if you get hives from ASA. Good grief.


JEANNIE BRZIZINSKI BOSTLER That really sucks, I’m sorry.

JEANNIE BRZIZINSKI BOSTLER Would a heating pad help? Usually it’s either hot or cold that makes people’s hives flare. .

KIMBERLY STEVENS MASURA Didn’t the Volteren Gel set you on ?? It would have me lol

RENEE PARKER The voltaren had no heat effect at all and the hives have started fading since the flare up. Pretty sure it was the pressure of rubbing my neck that made them angry


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