My niece have chronic urticaria and angioedema the past 2 weeks

My niece had chronic urticaria and angioedema the past 2 weeks she had rash and swelling but now she having bouts of pure tiredness where she can barely keep eyes open. She not a nomarl tired has had loads sleep during night. She nearly fallen asleep in school and had to come out of kyacking class due to her wanting to sleep. She just can’t keep eyes open. She hasn’t changed he meds been in same for long time. Hasn’t taking to much antihistamine as she watched taking meds. Anyone had experience of this as she never had this b4. Thanks in advance.


Sally Edwards Is she taking any antihistamines for her hives? If so, those can cause extreme tiredness, almost like sleeping pills.

Ceri Robins Same amount of antihistamine as normal. She taken these for a number of yrs same dose and is watched taking them. Only been past week and half.

Sally Edwards I know when I’m having a flare, I get unbelievably tired – I can feel that my body is fighting to make those histamines whole the meds are fighting to stop it. And I’m 41…

Ceri Robins She gets that bit not to this extreme was holding on side of swimming pool nearly sleeping had to get her out could have been very dangerous was ok glad he b4

Sally Edwards Oh goodness that is scary! Is it time for her to see the allergist/specialist again? I hope she starts feeling better soon.

Ceri Robins Sally Edwards least she sensible and knew had to get out of pool. Yes she can see him soon only a call to hospital

Lynsey Gilmore That’s how I get when I’ve had flares that caused joint pain. Just total exhaustion, sleep doesn’t help. Doesn’t seem related to food or meds or environment. I do have lupus though but used to get these exhaustion phases long before lupus tests were positive.

Ceri Robins She has joint pain on occasions

David Buhl When I get large angioedema I get very tired and need a nap

Ceri Robins She had this condition for about 4 yrs confirmed but we think she had it a lot longer. Strange how all of sudden this symptom has come. We have wonder if she had lupus never been tested. She Also been having panic attacks and pains in side ( had appendix out so know not that). Thanks all for answers just worrying as she only 13. Think a trip to her consultant is need.

Lynsey Gilmore Definately worth a trip to the doctor especially with her age, it could be something like glandular fever

Ceri Robins Lynsey Gilmore didn’t think of that thanks

Sarah J Beaton I would definitely consider getting her tested for Lupus. My hives were the precursor to my Lupus diagnosis. I suffer with extreme fatigue especially before flare ups.

Sybil Sinclair Can you monitor her blood pressure? When my angioedema is really bad, I get extremely hypotensive. Can’t even move, speak, function….

Arlene Wasvary Muniz I am no dr. But the more active I am the harder I crash… if I go three days running around working going gym by the 4 day I can sleep all day …our immune system runs overload all the time so when we exert ourself with activity our body’s crash .. need sleep to re-energize…. so that we can do the same thing every couple days .. our immune system never slows down # my theory

Liz King Test for anemia. Learn to read your own results, don’t just rely on the Dr to tell you. It’s your health. You definitely need to start seeing specialists to either identify or rule out possibilities. Don’t wait, this will take time.

Ceri Robins Thanks all we phoning her consultant this morning and asking for investigations to be done

Liz King Keep reading through these threads, there is a wealth of information. Most of us aren’t doctors but many of us have studied this illness, specifically, for years.

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