My normal hives are just little dots

I have my allergist/immunologist appointment on Friday and I was really concidering cancelling it for a while because my normal hives are fairly under control with just Doxepin during the week and adding Zyrtec and Zantac on the weekends when I know I’m going to be up moving around more. But this new swelling that has occurred lately even with a minor outbreak made me feel like I do need to go in…now today I had a flare up of this rash that has been on my arm sense September 2nd. It had been very faded (but still visible) and not bothering me for almost a week. This rash is completely opposite of what my normal hives look at. My normal hives are just little dots. This is a blob and every time it flares it seems to get bigger.


Faye Ridlehoover-Pepper I look like that a lot, especially on my legs.

Letrice Alexandria Walton Your arm looks like how I look everyday smh lol I think u should go

Ina Wood Mine are just like that.. I had it in my arms the other day it’s gone now but they hurt . They were hot and swollen

Jennifer Schreck Yes it is really hot and i’d call it lumpy and very very tender. I noticed today’s flare when I was crocheting and I felt every stitch in my arm. But i’ve only had it itch a few times.

Ina Wood Yes mine didn’t itch either just hurt like all kinds . . Made my whole arm hurt. Took some Tylenol and hydroxyzine it helped it not hurt as bad

Jennifer Schreck I’m thinking it is from the sun. I’ve always been sun sensitive (my grandma was too). Is it possible for someone to have multiple types of hives?

Ina Wood I sure hope so because I have several types of hives.. The ones I had on my arm was from pressure

Sharon Vollrath I felt I should tell you this because it has been so confusing to me. I’ve had 4 diff types. First big red wheals odd shaped very hot, stinging and itching little bumps that just itch and then some that resemble a very inflamed mosquito bite that also burn, itch and are painful last an allergic sun rash that was tiny lumps covering my entire back and torso. There must be different types

Sue Elshire Hargrave Mine can look like all of those, and some are deep, some above the surface .. it depends on where they are, and what they are from- pressure, heat, etc.

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