My old dermatologist prescribed this cream for my hives

My old fashion dermatologist prescribed this cream for my hives. He said to apply when itchy irritation symptoms starting to appear.

I followed his advice and voila it really works😍 The itch stops right away👏If you have Aetna Medicare your copay will be $0. Ask for 90 day supply so you have plenty for future use.


Michal Zanetti Love I love that cream! Tip: My doctor said that the same way a dry sponge can’t soak up water, neither can dry skin. Splash or spray some water on your skin to dampen and then apply. It’s spreads much nicer and soaks in wonderfull.

Penelope Auset Never heard of this, looked it up, its a steroid, be cautious in your use of it please.

Tess Adams Penelope Auset I am not dependent on it but if I feel like a small flare up is about to go full blown I apply just a tad of the cream on the area and it immediately goes away. I am not taking any oral drugs for hives, thank the Lord🙏 I am doing celery juicing, no red meat, dairy free and gluten free diet. Obviously this is not a cure it is a prevention.

Penelope Auset Tess Adams , cool!!! I was on steroids(for something else), and a wonderful side effect was NO HIVES!!! As soon as I completed my steroids, the Hives came back even worse, so just wanted to give a note of caution.:)

Tess Adams Penelope Auset I’ve always had very sensitive skin not to mention I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2013 so hives could be one of the triggers which came from major inflammation in the body. That’s why I don’t take any chances I eat clean which helps a lot with my symptoms.

Melody Chou Does Kaiser cover this?

Michelle Duzan it didn’t help mine but its worth a try. It’s just a topical steroid

Brittany Stovall I am totally blind and cannot see your picture, what is the name of the cream

Tess Adams Brittany Stovall Triamcinolone Acetonide Lotion

Richter Belmont Applying baking soda paste seems to work for some.

Tess Adams Richter Belmont I tried it many times but it only helps temporarily for a short period of time. It is cakey and very messy to deal with. When push comes to shove we have to make a decision sooner before symptoms gets worse. If the cure route is no where to be found apply prevention. Eating clean diet, herbal treatments, acupuncture, etc. I’ve tried every kind of drugs for chronic urticaria and it only made my organs shut down.

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