My palms still hurt and red .

palms red

Ok so Sunday I had burning palms with lumps. (I started my menstrual that day and my CU is always worse at that time.) It’s now wed and my palms still hurt. Are red and has a lump. Can angiodema last this long in one stretch?


MARTA CARVALHO Check for Erythromelalgia. Do you have it only in your hands or also on your feet?

LINDSEY SCHEER I was looking into this actually funny you say that. I have it in my hands. My 14 year old in her feet and my 6 year old in her face. So it is something genetic. My 2 girls have it. My 2 boys don’t as of yet.

MELINDA CARTER Yes, it can last a bit. Mine moves too from one hand to another then my feet

KATY NOTLEY Yes mine starts on one hand then mirrors its self on the other then moves onto other parts of my body like ankles , face , ears !! Cold water and ice packs help

LINDSEY SCHEER My hands stopped today. Moved to my under chin. And now itching is starting back up.


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