My right hand is swollen near the thumb

My right hand is swollen near the thumb. it’s painful and burning. Does this seem like angioedema? Had hardly any hive outbreak today, but this started about an hour ago And I am just now aware that all the fingers and joints hurt when moving them


Kary Borden Pierson Yes, angioedema. Mine does that. Had a spot like that on my eyebrow/forehead last week . I have osteoarthritis. When it attacks a joint on one of my fingers, in turn, the hives attack the site. smh 

Kary Borden Pierson That’s usually part of it too, unfortunately

Pilar DeMann My hands and fingers would swell when I was battling chronic hives

Lisa Ohtea Ouch. I hate that. Hurts sooo badly

Liz King I believe that hives and Angio Edema are a different chemical reaction but often it seems we suffer either . Mine always seem worst just before my period

Cochinillo Dulce I suffer both.

Emma Fitzpatrick Mine too! X

Margaret McLaren I get that all over, too. My knees have been very sore over the last few days (joint pain) and I’m just beginning to think that is linked to the angiodema/urticaria.

Nicole Parent I’ve had swelling in that exact spot so many times. Sometimes, it’s from stirring something thick for too long, like making cookies, or from raking in the yard (pressure hives) and sometimes it just seems to happen for no reason at all.

Margaret McLaren Yes. I’m the same.

Jessie Swafford You should try Renu 28

Anna L Eisenhauer Sure looks like angio edema, happens tp me all the time.

Margaret McLaren So angiodema is not the same thing as urticaria ( ? ) what are the main differences?

Anna L Eisenhauer To put it simply urticaria is hives, angio edema is swelling and can cause anaphylaxis which is life threatening. My official diagnosis is auto immune chronic recurring idiopathic angio edema with urticaria, my hives do not itch, just painful burn. Have tyou been to an Alergist/Immunologist? I should note that you can have one or the other, or both at the same time.

Margaret McLaren Thank you. I just know there is something wrong. When it’s active in my body I get these red, hot, swollen, itchy and painful areas, which I was told at dermatology was DPU, which I hadn’t heard of. I was happy – ish 😃 to have a name that I could finally put to this condition that I’ve suffered from for may years. This time is the worst ever:-(

Margaret McLaren Meant to say I am waiting for an appointment for dermatology again. Those of you who see an allergist/immunologist, how many of you live in the U.K? My doc just refers to dermatology.

Anna L Eisenhauer I see a dermotologist for other reasons, but not for my angio edema and urticaria, although she is very knowledgeable. I would think that an immunologist would me the way to go. Have you had any blood work yet? Are you on any meds?

Margaret McLaren Anna L Eisenhauer , yes. I was told initially that bloods were normal. Then doc told me that I am borderline for thyroid. I also had raised levels of inflammation in my blood. That didn’t surprise me. I am taking my steroid inhalers for asthma, nasal drops for my sinuses, 180mg of Fenofexadine twice a day and montelukast at night. Depending on where the swellings are, I try different lotions/gels too.

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