My skin is so sore from all the itching

First time ever ending up in the ER because of hives. I was so miserable and my body was on fire. I contemplated as to weather I should wait it out, but the swelling and itching were about to take me over the edge. I have never in my life had a prednisone shot.
OMG I thought my arm was going to fall off!!!! It hurt soooo bad, but also worked rather quick to tackle the angioedma… I’m on 60mg prednisone now. Never been on that high. At this point, I’ll take the side effects of prednisone rather than the intense misery I’ve experienced the last three days! Im just thankful for relief! My skin is so sore from all the itching..


Amy Christmas Me too. I almost went last night. The pain and discomfort of hives and swelling is awful. I actually laid on the cold kitchen tile to see if that would help. I kicked my prednisone up to 60 today too.

Shatania Clay Awww, Hope we can all find relief very soon!!!!

Sally Edwards I was laying on the floor of the ER when I went. Low point in life literally and figuratively.
I hope we all get some relief soon!

Shatania Clay Totally agreed!

Sally Edwards I am literally sitting here staring at the prednisone prescription bottle the ER doc gave me when I went Monday. I’ve hesitated to take it because of how t makes me feel. But I broke down crying last night and almost threw up because of the pain, itching, and facial swelling. I’m torn.
Thinking prednisone issues are less evil than what I’m dealing with now…I’m venturing that you ladies agree?

Sally Edwards It’s 50mg a day for 5 days..

Shatania Clay Yes!!!! I was in tears, shaking and miserable… prednisone has given me relief that I haven’t had in days! I’m tired, my body aches but it beats itching and swelling uncomfortably!!!

Sally Edwards First, let me clarify that I “love” your comment because you have relief! Second, thank you for your input. I just took my first prednisone. I can’t function anymore, so I’m grateful to have this option.

Shatania Clay 😊 you are welcome! Prednisone has its +-, but I feel at this point the positive greatly outweighs the negative!! Hope it works for you soon!

Sheena Jack beware ladies you will flare up again after the steroids are finished I have had Them too please come down slowly from the dozes , ,have you been to the dermos ? they can help with other methods ie Xolair , and more up to date anti .histamines please take care ,bless tou this horrible condition is a proverbial pain everywhere

Shatania Clay I’m on 60mg of prednisone because everything else is not working right now. Xolair 2/month, singulair, Zantac, Alavert & hydroxyzine. I see a rheumatologist, immunologist, and allergist.

Violet Beauregard The Dr at the ER was very reluctant to give me a Rx for Prednisone when I went with severe hives and angioedema that had kept me up for several days running, and instead gave me a Rx for sleep aid meds. Of course it was Easter weekend, which meant I had to tough it out until Tuesday, but at least I was finally able to sleep, and the agony subsided somewhat until I could see my family Dr on the Tuesday.

Sally Edwards It’s not like we go in there with a little patch of poison ivy or something. I don’t understand their attitude towards us and hives/angio in general. How awful for you, I’m sorry you had to endure that!

Violet Beauregard Sally Edwards in fact I was dreading being given prednisone as I know two people who went through horrific steroid withdrawal for years.
I hit the jackpot that day with one Dr (trained derm but working as a GP) at the walk-in clinic who took one look at me and said “prednisone” but sent me to ER in case of anaphylaxis. And the ER Dr was also quite knowledgeable about hives and angioedema, which was a pleasant surprise!

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