My skin literally crawls.

Nothing is helping, what the heck is this?

I have a drs appt with the dermatologist next week. But I’m literally at my Whitt’s end with this. I don’t know what to ask at this point. Or what I’m even dealing with. I feel like I have hells itch basically. My skin literally crawls. I dread taking a shower because I know I will be itchy. It doesn’t matter what soap I use. Or the temp of the water. Nothing is helping 😞 what the heck is this?
I can’t find my other pictures but my skin welts and I have a ton of hives all over my legs arms and face.


Aimee Tonge
Don’t use soap and as Luke warm water.
Sometimes a bath in baking soda or oats help x

Catherine Sunnyc Taylor
Hi I’m new here but straight away your story rings with me. My chronic urticaria is caused by pressure and vibration on my skin. Wondering if the shower force is doing this to you? Xx

Elaine Kilgore
I have had a return of the hives. I am trying to do more of an antihistamine diet. I have given up caffeine. I used to drink unsweetened tea all the time. I am trying to give up chocolate too. Yesterday I was pretty hive free using some stinging nettle root.

Donette Hixchix Hicks
See an Allergist!

PT-Phat Tran
See an Allergist Dermatologist will give you the run around.

Barbara Hanna
PT-Phat Tran my Dermatologist gave me 3 prescriptions that cleared mine up. I only get an odd hive here and there. Antihistamines and histamine blocker.

PT-Phat Tran
Barbara Hanna you lucky – my son saw 4 different dermatologists – no Bruno

Tony Dunford
For immediate comfort try Zyrtec and Omeprozole twice daily
Could try a 1 week celery juice diet MiraLax once daily as you might have leaky gut syndrome Google low histamine foods and know exactly what you are eating

Nicole Lynn
Thank you everyone on!!! Will definitely try a few thing mentioned above

Michelle Denise
Cool baths/showers. Hot baths release histamines. Also found this lotion the other day and it saved my skin. Doesn’t alleviate all itch, but I was able to sit still for a while with it.

Barbara Hanna
When mine were terrible I made ice packs with baggies to go with the ones I bought. Wrapped in thin dish cloths and placed on worse places. I got 3 prescriptions from a dermatologist and some steroid cream from my allergist. I don’t have more than a couple here and there now. Fantastic.

Barbara Hanna
Move the ice packs around. Only 15 min per spot at one time.

Katie Dian
Don’t waste ur time at the derm go see an immunologist

Julia Zuniga Mendez
This looks like what I have. Aquagenic urticaria (water induced hives) and dermatographism (when you scratch, it triggers the lines that welt up, which are also a form of hives). I shower every other night and use bath wipes in between. The bath wipes work well as long as I’m careful not to put too much pressure and to blot dry as I go along. Sorry you’re so miserable. It’s best to be seen by an allergist or immunologist if you’ve had them for more than 6 weeks, it’s likely they’ll diagnose you with chronic spontaneous urticaria and start you on a combination of antihistamines and antacids.

Nicole Lynn
Julia Zuniga Mendez Just got diagnosed with it today!

Julia Zuniga Mendez
Nicole Lynn Ugh! I’m sorry! I hope you find relief soon.

Nicole Lynn
Julia Zuniga Mendez me too. This sucks.

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