My son has hives on hands and feet and struggling with it

I am new to hives. Since having my son 9.5 months ago, I’ve been struggling with it. Initially it was only on my hands and feet and then recently got so bad and it was everywhere. It’s literally torture. I’ve been to urgent care, 2 different primary doctors, and ob/gyn everyone’s response was, it’s an allergic reaction but my diet didn’t change. I started a juice fast and my hives never went away. Through research online, I decided on high dose vitamin c and also hcl pepsin. Since taking pepsin with my meal, I don’t get hives which is pretty interesting. I just started with intravenous vitamins this week and will continue. Just thought I’d share and maybe it’ll help someone else.


Franca St. Cyr Gravel Sorry for your suffering, but glad to hear that you are hive free after taking pepsin. I hope you continue to stay hive free & thank you for sharing your experience.

Angelika James Thanks so much Franca for the warm welcome

Franca St. Cyr Gravel You’re welcome Angelika. This is a great group for information and support.

Kay Graves Mine didn’t start until after having my daughter either. I recommend not giving up and remain persistent with your doctors. Unfortunately mine didnt take me seriously until I went into shock and could have died. Don’t give up!

Angelika James I just started going to a holistic Dr I feel like they care more instead of prescribing pills with no reasoning. Urgent care dr gave me prednisone and told me to go to my obgyn because I’m a different speci. Primary said maybe you should go to a nitritionist because it’s an allergic reaction, heres some zyrtec. Obgyn, i don’t know what’s going on with you, this is not pupps go to an allergist. Another primary you need an allergist here’s your referal and some new meds. I go to an allergist in mid January that’s the earliest they have. Kay, how are your hives? So far with pepsin, my hives are controlled, allergy pills don’t work for me

Kay Graves Today they’re awful but I’m working through them cause I have SO much to do for Christmas. While I was on xolair they were controlled but I went through a year of the same bs you are. Prednisone would make me like violently ill so I took that three times then refused.

Angelika James Sorry to hear that. I understand the torture. I too took prednisone and felt the same and I too stopped taking it plus the long term affects aren’t good. I guess I’ll just stick to what I’m currently doing in hopes my immune system will be back on track. Intravenous vitamins actually gave me more energy because I was feeling depleted and I’m currently on a detox and have been still taking my pepsin. So far so good. I hope you find some relief. If you come across anything please share 🙂 Merry Christmas by the way.

Charity H. Oates May I ask if you had a C-section? I have had this over 10 years but was doing well for about 2 years. 4-5months after I gave birth via c-section it came back with a vengeance. I remember in the hospital afterwards I was really itchy and they told me it was something in the anesthesia. I was just curious since you said it happened after giving birth. There’s probably no link there whatsoever but it crossed my mind the other day about my situation

Angelika James No, I didn’t have a c section. My cousin also suffers from hives but as soon as she got pregnant again and was, put on progesterone, her hives went away. So far after having her son 8 months ago, she’s hive free. So, right now all I can do is research why this is happening, is it hormonal issues, is it gastric issues, is it vitamin deficiency? But I do think all of it coincides together. If you have gastric issues, you can’t absorbs nutrients properly, if you can’t absorbs nutrients, your hormones are out of wack?

Charity H. Oates I have a 16 year old girl and a 1 year old boy. My 16 year old was 5 going on 6 when mine started. I think something triggered them after my son. I’m like you, what is causing this. I’m the only one in my family with this. I was treated for h-pylori around 2011 but all tests now show no sign of it. So not sure what is going on. I hope we all find answers.

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