My son has recurrent hives on the same spot. Does anyone here have the same case?


My son has recurrent hive on the same spot. Under his eye. It just comes and goes the next day. At first I thought it was just a mosquito bite, but its impossible that he has been bitten on the same spot a couple of times. Does anyone here have the same case? What did you guys do about it. Thanks.


SUSIE TORIA Any pets in the home that like to be close to his face?

Leslie Villegas-Jamile We dont have any pet in the house

GYPSY CYNDI WIRTZ My hives go all over but I have one Hive that always goes on the side of my nose and the apple of my cheek same spot every few days I just put a little cortisone cream on it

BRANDY IRIE I get one under my eye that only lasts up to a day before a bigger outbreak if I keep exposing myself to the trigger. It’s like a warning for me.

CAROLYN FALCONER HORNE You should get that checked. It could definitely be something else.


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