My son is 11 months old suffering with chronic hives and angioedema.

My son is 11 months old with chronic hives and angioedema, he also has severe eczema, food allergies and an allergy or sensitivity to synthetic fabric.

His diet is allergen free, we’re not using fragrances, changed all soaps, etc, and controlling the fabric situation has helped a fair amount, but missing his morning antihistamine means he still has a swollen face/eyes/lips with his characteristic mini hives on his cheeks and forehead.

So my question is: is CU just the immune system going crazy because of the many allergic reactions in the past or is it continuous allergic reactions? The answer is probably that it’s different for everyone, but it just hit me that I should probably be looking for another source of allergy.


Sarah Bearor  The real issue for most of us that have this I believe is we don’t really have allergies. I just developed this last september right after I turned 24. I’ve never had an allergy, allergic reaction, sensitivity, nothing. this came out of the clear blue for no reason and no known cause. So don’t stress yourself out looking for an allergy. Many of us don’t have any.

Theresa Anne Heckaman My sister has what would technically be called chronic hives, but she knows it’s because of being hot or nervous. So I guess I didn’t think of the non-allergic side of things. So many facets to think about!
Thank you for being sweet, it’s hard to watch my baby suffer!

Sarah Bearor Of course. I couldn’t imagine a baby. I’m almost 25 and going crazy racking my brain about what it could be. I couldn’t imagine a little baby having to go through this.

Katie Mayeux Wow I have same story I developed it last September too right after I turned 24 in may .. and mine has no cause either.. I have an lupus and my doctor for that says he positive this has nothing to do with my lupus it just random no cause.. which is very frustrating .

Angelika James My son had eczema and rash all over his body. Realized he could not consume cows milk, soy milk or goat’s milk. Also later realized he had a sensitivity to wheat. I began adding lots of probiotics in his diet as well as vitamin c. My kiddo is 2 and no longer has any issues.

Theresa Anne Heckaman He does have an actual allergy to cows milk, eggs, and peanuts. I was avoiding wheat, but I think it just gives him gas. Probably wouldn’t hurt to cut that out again and see what would happen 🤔 It seems like 2yo is fairly typical for growing out of eczema. I’m hoping that’s the case, it’s been kind of crazy!

Jennie Lee Hemphill  I developed hives at 33 for no apparent reason. Got tested for everything under the sun. Nothing went to 2 different Dr. Bascially they said only 10% of people with UC will find out why. They wanted to put me on Xolair. I said no way!

I also have had psoarisis for 16 years and tried a ton of meds that were horrible on my body and did nothing. I also developed MS 5 yrs ago.

So I have a few auto immune diseases.

Anyways after I went to the 2 drs that wanted to put me on xolair I saw a naturopath he put me on a ton of vitamins, plus quercetin(natural antihistamine), strict paleo diet and got off all prescribed antihistamines and steroids. It was a very difficult first month. My hives close off my throat swell up my face etc. I did this for 4 months. Then I slowly added other foods back in to see if I was allergic to anything. (Allergy testing said I wasnt allergic to any food.)

After all that I had a few flairs here and there but nothing too bad.

Later I got on plexus bio cleanse, slim, and the probiotic. This has helped a ton too.

Just keep trying different things and eventually will find what helps your son. I think everyone is different. I would reccomend seeing a naturopath though usually they are chiropractors and you just ask them about natural ways to cure the hives.

Both my 4 yr old nephews have eczema and both their mothers slather them in aquaphor every night and cover their legs and arms with socks and tape them on so they cant scratch and the Aquaphor can soak in. It helps a ton. Aquaphor also helped soothe my hives.

Theresa Anne Heckaman I’m doing probiotics (topical and oral) vitamins, and Vaniply (might be allergic to something in Aquaphor, we used that over the winter). He can’t have socks on his hands because he’s allergic to spandex, and there are no 100% cotton socks for babies, at least not that I’ve found 😬 Tell your sisters (in-law?) about scratch-me-nots, my baby is wearing them in the picture. They’re really helpful!

Thank you for your input, it’s a good reminder that I need to keep going and keep working at a holistic approach! That bit in your story with your throat closing had me panicking, though! I’m glad we have an epi-pen! 😬 And I’m glad you’re on the other side of that part!!

Jennie Lee Hemphill  Theresa Anne Heckaman yup I had an epi pen ready had to use it once it was scary! It sounds like a tough situation. Poor guy!! I’ll tell my sister and sil about the scratch-me-knots. They use adult socks so it covers whole arms and legs lol it’s pretty cute to see them ready for bed. They are 4 yrs old so bigger. Adult socks prob be too big for your son. I hope your boy gets better its heartbreaking to see babies going thru this!!! Take care!

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