hi My urticaria is triggered by heat.

My urticaria is triggered by heat.

Day two of the detox. Tired grumpy and missing food but also had a flare up this afternoon and I don’t know why. My urticaria is triggered by heat. My temperature didn’t change but my skin broke out mainly on my stomach which is also unusual as it usually starts on my arms and neck. Has anyone done this juice detox b4? I’m hoping it’s a sign the detox is working but that could just be wishful thinking!


Anne Prouse Apparently detoxes are not real – but not putting the ‘toxins’ in while we are only having juice/healthy food is where the benefits come from. Good luck, I hope it works for you. May take a while x

Michelle Sherlock Try and stick with the juicing detox. It’s very normal for your body to react at first as the liver is expelling the toxins from your body! The first 4/5 days are tough with hunger & fatigue but you should start to feel better after that. Things may get worse before they get better! Good luck!

Victoria Louise Coughlin Oh I see. Well I think it’s worth a try. All this fruit and veg can’t b bad for me! Thanks ladies! I really hope it works. N I’m looking forward to not feeling so tired!

Michelle Sherlock Let me know how you get on victoria. I did it for 2 weeks & definitely noticed a difference & felt emotionally much better. I’ve since juiced every day as part of my diet but considering detoxing again for a longer time. X

Victoria Louise Coughlin I will do! I can’t see me keeping this up too long but I think I cud incorporate juices into a healthy diet and detox every few months or something. As long as it works.

Jackie Dillon Vaughan If you are salicylate sensitive (1/4 of CUers are or will become sensitive to sals), then by juicing you are getting concentrated levels of sals – which are present to some extent in all plant material. If you have problems with aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen, then you really shouldn’t be juicing.

Ana Garcia It usually takes a long time not just days. Jackie Dillon is right also. All those fruits and veggies are not for every one even though they are natural. This may not be the cure we are all searching for but if it is please share exactly what you are doing

Maryann Murray What Jackie said is correct. Also, a lot of the popular fruits and vegetables that are used in juicing are high in histamine and may be tipping you over i.e.. citrus fruits, spinach, tomatoes, pineapples, berries, bananas.

Agra Alberts High fructose can also be an issue with juicing for those who have fructose malabsorption. Maybe try a healthy, balanced diet and figure out if you have any issues with histamine, salicylate, fructose or oxalate foods first before juicing so you know if there are any you have to be careful with? Otherwise, juicing will either work really well or be a complete disaster.

Shannon Evans You will experience a die off effect from killing the bacteria in your system so it’s recommended that people start with 1/4 tsp mixed in with a drink once a day and work up. If anyone needs any I have a bunch and wouldn’t mind shipping it just for the cost of the shipping small flat rate box

Megan Moody Neal Thank you Shannon!

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