My urticaria was really bad and landed me in the emergency room twice this Christmas

I need some advice. I’ve just recently been approved for the Xolair injections, but I am unsure whether to start or not. My urticaria was really bad and landed me in the emergency room twice this Christmas, but since I’ve seen my allergist (and prescribed Blexten) by hives seem quite dormant (though, I am not in remission). I don’t know if I should wait for my hives to come back again to see whether or not it is effective or just go ahead with the injections anyway. Thanks!


Janet Karshina Thorpe I agree. I am going through the process to approve xolair, but not certain if it is worth the risk. If you are having minimal hives, I would ride it out.

Shari Brady Same boat – I’ve been able to control mine to the point they’re not terribly disruptive- especially if I follow my low histamine diet. I’m still waiting on xolair approval but if I stay at this level I’m going to pass on the shot. I believe the joint pain side effect would be worse than my current hives. But, if my hives came back full force, I’d take the shot without hesitating.

Nancy Williams I’m to waiting for approval for xolair shot! Have hives but not exploding- but sure would be nice to enjoy my summer hive free!!

James Fabiano I’m hoping my allergist rx me for xolair next time i see him. I also found blexten help.. But it gives me severe stomach pain followed by joint pain next day… Did you notice that as well?

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