My wedding is so closed and suffering from Hives

I experienced my first hives on my tongue

Since you guys are the only ones that understand- please say a little prayer for me. My wedding is on the 26th. That’s less than 2 weeks away! Yesterday I experienced my first hive on my tongue. That made it difficult to talk and eat. Today I feel them on my jawline. Also a huge hive on my forehead. I’ve never had them on my face besides by my ears. I’m freaking out over this. Any day but my wedding day please! also- anyone else feel this is hormonal? I’m no spring chicken. 42 years old- had these for about 4-5 years. 2 months ago I went 6 weeks without outbreak- whoah! Surprise! Your pregnant!!! Then I had a miscarriage and they were back. 6 whole weeks without a single outbreak! I was living life again kinda. (Very sick and tired so not really) thoughts?


Lacey Lopez
I’m almost completely convinced they have something to do with hormones. Gonna talk to my doc about it soon

Irma Santiago
mine is hormones and stress . Start drinking lots of alkaline water with ph of 8-9 something. Our body becomes acidic when we are under stress and when we are sick . Alkaline water will neutralize the acidity of our body .Flush your system . Take probiotics too. You can take alkaline water and probiotics with your current medications . Im afraid this is not the time to experiment . You might have to take prescription steroids for your wedding. Eat lots of celery , its a natural steroid. Famotidine will neutralize the acidity of your stomach due to stress plus its an H2 antagonist ( histamine antagonist) . What helped me are the combination of black seed oil, milk thistle , vit c and d , probiotic and alkaline water . I started taking these with my anti histamines and h2 antagonist . But now ive been off antihistamines and my h2 antagonist. Goodluck on your wedding day and hope you find the right treatment that will work for you!

Christine Colardo
Hormones, thyroid, any autoimmune issue (lupus, celiac disease, herpes virus, hashimotos, HPV, Graves’ disease) really anything that is going on internally can cause chronic urticaria. A lot of doctors will say it’s idiopathic because they can’t pinpoint the exact reason BUT THERE IS A REASON. Stress triggers the hives, gluten, soy, dairy can trigger the hives. The hives are the effect not the cause. I was finally fortunate enough to find a functional doctor (referred by my gynecologist). She discovered my hypothyroidism (hashimotos) – 4 prior doctors were clueless. Xolair helped me before I started with my functional doctor. Since seeing her I’m only taking 1 thyroid med and some supplements and I took gluten out – BUT EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT- you need to find a good functional doctor to help you find your cause. Good luck!! Try to relax – maybe take CBD to try to relax?

Lea Marsiglio Riza
I swear this wedding is not stressing me. I’m so laid back. I have Psoriasis – that’s my autoimmune. I don’t take ANY meds. I can’t find the right cocktail and I’m tired of dragging my butt. I pretty much gave up on ever finding a cure and living decent. Causes me depression without a doubt.

Janice Allred
I had prednisone on hand that I take 2 or 3 days before an important event just in case. It seemed to work.

Elise Rappoport
Firstly I am SO sorry about the miss. I had 4 myself and the flare after the miscarriages was always horrific for me. Hormonal shifts like miscarriage, menopause, periods and pregnancy affect us women massively when it comes to autoimmune disease/our CU. Stress is also a big factor for many of us and planning a wedding/losing a baby is stressful. If there are things to reduce stress levels try it. I’d also consider taking low dose roids in the couple of days before the wedding to get through the day. I know there’s the inevitable rebound and I hate steroids myself but sometimes you need to be able to eliminate the CU stress from your life. Congratulations for the wedding. Fingers crossed it all goes well.

Elise Rappoport
Also one other question – was there anything unusual about the miscarriage? I mean I know you didn’t know but was it by any chance referred to as blighted ovum/anembryonic? Just asking as this can be a sign of extremely low but d levels which ended up being the cause of my miscarriages and low d is common for CU and autoimmune people.

Julie Noe
Prayers for a hive free wedding. I would load up on as much antihistamine as you can safely take (talk to your doc of course). It seems to take a very high dose for a lot of people. I had to take 4 zyrtec per day and 100 mg benadryl at night. Still having hives but they are tolerable. Yours could certainly be exacerbated by hormonal changes and stress so there is hope it will simply settle down on its own. The timing just sucks. Fingers crossed no hives on your wedding day!

Lea Marsiglio Riza
Woke up this morning and they were on my lips. I’m having a really hard time dealing with this. Like every day it’s worse. Ahhhhhh

Betty Ogle Beasley
Prayers sent🙏🙏 Praying you have a wonderful wedding❤

Susan Lynn
Praying 🙏🏻 for you !!

Emily Gonsalves
I get them from hormonal fluctuations. For me it’s mostly progesterone that I seem sensitive to. It’s hard to track and determine if hormones are a trigger because they fluctuate and “normal” levels could still be a problem for you due to sensitivity.
I’m also triggered by physical pressure, heat, and to a limited degree stress.
I am allergic to soy protein as well so I’m cautious with all phytoestrogens.
Hope things go well for your wedding, but maybe start taking antihistamines a bit before. You’re stressed so it’s encouraging inflammation and might be more likely to lead to a flare up.
Omega 3-6-9 might help as you have some time. I found it took about 2 weeks to fully kick in but helps a lot with inflammation.

Lea Marsiglio Riza

Emily Gonsalves thank you! Sounds a lot like me. I can’t hold my purse on my arm- pressure hive! They feel much different than a regular hive.

Emily Gonsalves
The omega helps my tolerance for pressure. It’s pretty affordable, so worth a try. Hope it helps. And yeah, pressure hives tend to have swelling/angioedma. I get them on my feet and hands the most. Walking is no fun anymore because I can’t last long. I use a walker or wheelchair so I can sit and take breaks frequently.

Emily Gonsalves
I should say I use the walker or wheelchair when I can’t avoid lots of walking. So mostly for attending big events.

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