My whole face swelling through this hives

The doctors think I have the influenza and sudden my face tongue thought whole face swelling Hives have some of my chest so bad second day in hospital now adrenaline shots nebulizer antibiotics my normal steroids feel like I’ve been ran over by a bus I get daily hives but never this bad in my life and never had any swelling wheeziness


Elaine Victor I hope u get better soon

Dev Monique Cotton Aww feel better soon. Life is shit sometimes

Patti Russell I went into the ER with my first onset of hives. Had swollen eyes and lips and couldn’t breathe. I thought it was aniphalactic reaction. Treated with nebulizer and steroids. That was 7/4/2019. Hives have subsided, then they come back out, then subside, etc., etc. Hope you feel better soon!

Justin N Tabitha Bellman For me I’ve been dealing with hives for three years but I’ve never had mouth tongue lips swelling and never had to have adrenaline shots or nebulizers just dealt with creams steroid tablets antihistamines But I have slide the doctors here and the nurses have been great

Courtney Wright What meds do they have you on. For me my eyes and lips swell like that any time I take ibuprofen and sometimes Other nsaids.

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