Need some advice and opinions about hives, please help

So some kinda crazy weird stuff has been going on I’ve been clear for 3 weeks! But ever since i got all cleared up I’ve had some things tasting odd like water it taste like blueberries, strawberries (my favorite fruit) taste really gross to me. All my food tastes so weird, and on top of that I have been nauseous, dizzy, and soooo tired every single day (even if I’m barley doing anything) these past few weeks, I went to the doctor a week and half ago and he advised me I may have a sinus infection, went to get an X-ray came back all clear, he then tells me to stop all my medication.. I’ve been on 2 of my allergy pills since I was 13.. I stopped taking them, still feeling sick I can’t finish the portions of food I’d normally eat, I’d usually be able to eat 2 burgers now I can’t finish 1. I have trouble sleeping at night because my nose is running so bad and I’m constantly sneezing. Doctors words ‘at least you’ve been clear’ so he’s stopped running any tests relating to hives WTF. Thinking of seeing my pcp and getting referred to someone new.


Maria Angelena Serena What cleared you?

Katie Pearson I have no idea! I was taking palgic rantadine Allegra and singular. When the hives were bad I’d some hydroxzine at night. I haven’t took any medication in about a week except a little benedryl here and there for my runny nose

I cut out Starbucks and that’s ultimately when I cleared up I was having a large frappachino everyday

Maria Angelena Serena That’s great

Lindsey Scheer How old are you?

Katie Pearson I’m 20

VLindsey Scheer Just going off a whim here. Could you be pregnant? I’ve heard of CU clearing when someone becomes pregnant. And when I was pregnant I literally felt like I had the flu. Sinus problems. Dizziness. And foods grossed me out

Katie Pearson I’ve took tests and they were negative that was my first thought, I’m on birth control too so I figured that wasn’t it.

Lindsey Scheer Keep it in the back of your mind if it keeps happening. I had the iud and got pregnant with twins lol

Lynsey Gilmore Pregnant?

Brandy Burns That’s what I thought too

Katie Pearson Y’all were right, I am pregnant

Lynsey Gilmore Lol I hope it’s a good surprise even if not a planned one. Enjoy it while it lasts, the allergies usually come back with a vengeance after pregnancy. Hope you avoid the morning sickness!!

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