Never been in so much pain please any advice

Help. Never been in so much pain. Been back and forth to docs for 2 weeks and on fexofenadine 180mg one tablet twice a day. Night time is dreadful. Fever, general body aches. Struggling with 2 young children.

Please any advice. I started with a sore throat was on penicillin, then steroids then amoxicillin. Am I missing something or this is hives and a bitch! Any advice welcome. thank you from an emotional mum


Natalie Sheppard Maybe switch to Zyrtec? My dr told me if it gets really bad, to take 2 in am & 2 in pm and also Zantac 1-2 x day.

Hayley Beat Natalie Sheppard will call tomorrow, any advice I love and need. Currently crying x

Leanne Brash I feel your pain, I have had 2 episodes of hives, both lasting approx 4-5 months. Once during pregnancy & other time few months after my second birth. Never got to bottom of it & prob never will but I suspect its been after hormone changes & infections/ anti biotics. Im stablilised on 2 x fexofenadine a day & when I have tried to come off them my skin erupts again. Hope u find some relief, I have been there & its so frustrating x

Maureen Davidson Could be the amoxilen lots of people alkargic to that they are hives  Allergic

Hayley Beat Stopped it a week ago can it be that ?

Ashley Caes I was going to say the same thing, looks like an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. It is very common with these types of antibiotics, and can last for a while after because they are not fully excreted from your body yet. Hopefully it will start to get better, continue taking antihistamines, and following up with your physician. oatmeal baths have been known to relieve the itch as well. I hope you find relief!!

Maureen Davidson You take care

Allison Aileen Prednisone is a short-term solution if you want instant relief.

Wendy Heron-Warne I was told could take 4 fexofenidine a day – 2 twice a day.. might be worth a try?

Hayley Beat Wendy Heron will call docs Tomorrow

Kay Tinii Also just another thing….stay away from those wipies…antibacterial or clorox….don’t use on toilet seats etc… I read some people are reactive and don’t know it…..try using diluted tea tree oil in a spray bottle to clean surfaces….and rinse w/clear water….Hope things will calm down soon for you💜

Nicola Shearan This sounds exactly like me last week. Lips cheeks & eyes swollen up also. Went to dr and a&e and fexofenadine and ranitidine just wasn’t working. Paid to see a private specialist dr and he prescribed me steroids for 1 month, montelukast once a day . The ranitidine twice a day and fexofenadine 180 3x day and within 24hrs I was a new woman again. I cannot believe I had been so ill for days & days and the GP / doctor wouldn’t anything.
This was last Thursday – I’ve just been to see the specialist again for a checkup and he didn’t even recognise me walking in – amazing results !
I hope u get relief & get some real help soon coz I can only sympathise with u u poor thing

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