hi New hives still coming

New hives still coming

Never had hives before Tore out 25 year old carpet on two sat ago (dusty mold etc?!)

Stayed at my sons house with cat, and also he’s in middle of remodel so I’ve had sensitivities to him opening up a wall in his house which was built 1930

Stayed at his house two Mondays ago, woke up with three hives on elbow and now over entire torso

I have been eating a clean(er) diet for three years. Low carb, no milk, some Dairy, try for low sugar no preservatives etc but that Sunday night I got into: pizza rolls, tator tots, bowls of sugary cereal, etc. I binged – system not used to?

So is it mold, is it cat, is it gluten wheat?

I’m on week 2 – first week prednisone didn’t really help. Dr gave me cream. Helped a little. Did my own research now taking 1-2 Zertec two times daily, two Pepcid AC 2x daily. Helped a bit… I’m a little better but new hives still coming in?

Sorry for long post. Does it pay to try to find source? Do I just stick to the course? Go back to Dr?! I’m trying to stick to strict diet. Want to add supplements and probiotic and tend to leaky gut?

My thyroid does have a small goiter. Been like that for years. Dr not concerned as my levels always ok?

Just don’t know what next move should be?! . All over back, thighs, chest, back of arms.


Cherilynn Domer I have to take Zyrtec at night and Benadryl throughout the day. Have you been around cats before? Pulling up the carpet seem like a possible culprit. Best wishes

Carla Danielson Cherilynn Domer I’ve been Around my sons cat before but I’ve never stayed overnight there for three days . Also I pulled the carpet on Saturday and I didn’t get hives till early Monday morning would they not have arrived right away?

Jillyn Allred Do you mind sharing your latest thyroid labs? (With the ranges). I can let you know if they’re optimal.
Doctors are famous for sting everything looks good when it’s not

Carla Danielson Jillyn Allred Well you are right it’s been over a year since I’ve had everything checked but all I meant was that the small goiter on my thyroid or nodule they said not to worry about it maybe I should revisit my thyroid but I’m thinking wouldn’t I have other symptoms

Robin Welling I take one Allegra in am and 1 in pm, zantac 300mg in am and 300mg in pm, singular daily,and 75mg Atarax at bedtime…this is what I take daily to keep hives under control ! Hives suck big! Have had to deal with them all my life.

Jess Jo Did you take any medication? Like Advil ?

Carla Danielson Jess Jo Well I’ve taken Advil all my life I can’t remember if I took some right around that time or not I usually take it for aches and pain’s as I’m 50 now LOL but I’ve never had an adverse reaction to it

Jess Jo Carla Danielson I think Advil is the cause of my hives. I believe it created leaky gut.

Carla Danielson Jess Jo interesting. I do take alot of Advil

Jess Jo Carla Danielson I would stop And work on repairing your gut with diet. The Advil most likely created damage to the lining. Look into a low histamine diet. Cut gluten, dairy, and sugar.

Carla Danielson Jess Jo thanks. I have yet to cut dairy fully. I will.

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