No need for lip injections these days when this lip swelling happens.

No need for lip injections these days when this lip swelling happens. At least I hv a sense of humor. New to hives (4mths)1st time took Advil since the 1st day it started. I’m guessing its the ibuprofen or higher dose of thyroid meds r diff color? Only had few hives today too. 🤔This is nuts. Help Benadryl or Zyrtec?


BRITT SCHULDES Ibuprofen!!! I mean I’m betting that’s what caused it…

LAURA LEE BROWN I agree! NSAIDs have always made mine worse! I never take them ever anymore. I use ice for pain associated with hives.

DANIELLE SHAPIRO Thank u! I took a lil tab of Benadryl – the lips are not totally down yet. looking for Zantac. Ugh

MEG MURILLO My allergist told me that people with CIU/angioedema should NEVER take Ibuprofen!

DANIELLE SHAPIRO Then what are we supposed to take for migraine or backaches etc? Is Tylenol ok?

DANIELLE SHAPIRO What’s weird it happened like 4 to 5 hours after I took it. Usually it should react right away?

MEG MURILLO I’m not sure. Maybe it depends on how long it takes to digest/absorb into the body?

LIZ KING Urticaria, are the smaller spotty hives. Angio Edema are the deeper tissue, hot, larger hives and caused by a different histamine release. (This is my understanding, feel free to correct me). We all have various cause and effects related to this horrible condition. In 8 years, I couldn’t tell you that one is caused by anything specific compared to the other. I get a mix of both or one or the other.
What I will be clear about, if you’re getting swellings around your face or neck, you need to get an Epi pen. Better to have and not need than need and not have and these swellings can flare up very quickly sometimes. I live with 1 mile of a major hospital, I’ve never needed it but still make sure I have one.
Hot spotty hugs

TEA ANGIER If I miss allegra (and sometimes even when idont) I get puffy eyes and lips, sometimes my whole face! But I agree, no need for lip injections! I think my lips look better when my top lip is the only swollen one since its so small anyways ‚
I would take some more antihistamines. Allegra is the only one that really ever worked for me. Have you tried that one? Its generic is fexofenadine.

DANIELLE SHAPIRO Hi Tea, Yes I have been Prednisone twice, Allegra during the day and Zyrtec at night. I was hive free for few days and wanted to take a break from it. I had pulled my back took Adviil and boom. Tea, allegra makes me feel like i gain weight – do u feel that way?

JODI BURWICK FRANKLIN I’ve been in remission for about 8 years after suffering from CIU for 20 years. Definitely don’t take any NSAIDS at all-they cause hives in many AND enhanced intestinal permeability (leaky gut$, which triggers an autoimmune activation. Meriva curcumin is a natural antiinflammatory and I do recommend it for my clients for triage. I now help people overcome chronic conditions like urticaria without using any drugs. I recommend finding a really good functional medicine practitioner and getting to the root cause. It’s amazing and completely possible to be hive-free without using any meds. Good luck!

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