Nothing relieves the itchiness

I am feeling so defeated

I am feeling so defeated! Nothing relieves the itchiness! I have these 24hrs a day. They never go away! I never get a break. Im losing the happy person I once was. I dont know what to do anymore. I had a massive cry in my bathroom today as no one understands. Doctors are useless. Im waiting to see a dermetologist in 3 weeks. Wasting so much money on things that arent helping 🙁 Anyway Im not after any advice I just wanted to vent my frustration with people who truely understand. Thanks for listening x


Donette Hixchix Hicks
So sorry, I really believe you need to see an allergist. Hope you are taking antihistamines – even twice to three x’s a day … hang tough we’ve all been there otherwise we would not be here on this page..

Tania Forysiak
IMO… and what has worked for me….. Skip the dermatologist and get in with a natural path doctor. Unfortunately insurance doesn’t cover it, but she helped way more than when I saw a regular doctor, dermatologist AND allergist. All of those gave me so much medicine that just masks it.
Natural path doctor helps cures the symptoms, and gives you natural supplements so they are at least reduced and you get a break. I’ve been seeing mine for 6 months now, and see a huge difference in my hives…
Also, like another comment said, diet really helps. I gave up gluten, dairy and soy. Sucks- but it helps sooo much. Good luck!

Tibby Hollingsworth
If I were you I would do the mixture of antihistamines to calm the storm and start taking Bromelain and Quercitin twice what directions say. Hopefully that will keep them under control.

Marian Ní Chonghaile – Conneely
Tibby Hollingsworth I also would recommend mixing it with Quercertin and Bromelain. I’d also try giving up gluten, dairy and sugar for a while and working on the gut health. I’m improving slightly thankfully

Tibby Hollingsworth
Marian Ní Chonghaile One their thing I did and this I still do periodically is a detox. Nothing involving a lot. It is called Skin Blend. It has dandelion and milk thistle it. I took it until the bottle was empty along with the Bromelain Quercitin. Hives gone. So now once a year I take the Skin Blend.
My doctor gave me a prescription that had a small amount of aspirin in it. Within 3 days, omg! Hives all over. Did the heavy antihistamines regimen again. Along with the other 3 and I had the shortest run yet. I’m 62 and this began at 11-12 with me.

Marian Ní Chonghaile – Conneely
Tibby Hollingsworth thank you. Can I buy the skin blend online ? I can buy dandelion and milk thistle. Will best this for sure. 🤣 the positive I’m down 12 pounds lol

Marian Ní Chonghaile – Conneely
Will beat

Tibby Hollingsworth
Marian Ní Chonghaile yes! Amazon has it.

Marian Ní Chonghaile – Conneely
Tibby Hollingsworth thank you 🙏🙏

Tibby Hollingsworth
Through the on and off and mostly on years of having this. I have learned with me, I CANNOT take aspirin or anything with it in it. I refuse to hold one in my hand. Because I know they trigger me. My other triggers, I don’t know. But I have concluded by what has worked for me that my body doesn’t release toxins properly. Because the Skin Blend definitely helps me. And it helps your liver to get a boost so it can flush out the toxins better. I have taken so much prednisone and for LONG periods of
time that now I have other issues from that. Yes it helps when you are horrible but there are other things to try. Thankfully after so many years with my body in turmoil as well as mentally what it was doing, I got better. This is horrible and challenging to defeat. I’m not sure I have defeated it but I do feel like I have a better way of fighting it when it shows it’s ugly face. I pray I never have another outbreak and if I do that this works again. I’m by no means a doctor. Just another victim of Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria.

Marian Ní Chonghaile – Conneely
Tibby Hollingsworth Fingers crossed. It’s just horrible but we will beat this. I’ve researched so much and cleared it every time. Let’s stay strong. 🌺

Dorothy H Unrau
Tibby Hollingsworth can you provide a link for the skin blend. I googled it and there are several brands/types. Seems to only be available in the states.

LaDonna Maynard Estep
You need to see an allergist. I was put on xyzal , hyrdoxzine and another until o got approved for Xoliar

Jennie Roe
I understand the way you feel, like you I felt alone until I found this group. Absolutely listen to your doctor but there is also good advice here. Because of someone’s post, I started taking vitamins (Methyl B-complex 2x day, C and 10,000 units D daily, also take Pepcid 2x day). I believe that and Xolair cleared me up this time. I don’t think for a minute they’re gone forever, had them on and off since childhood, I’m 68 now 🙄😫

Tara Denman Jones
So sorry for your suffering. 😔 have you looked into the xolair injections? They’ve been a game changer for my teenager. Zero hives since she started xolair. We did the urgent care, dermatologist, allergist thing for a while. Finally the allergist recommended xolair.

Deanna Casamatta Watts
I get it.. Sucks for sure!
Like others have said, try giving up gluten, dairy and sugar. Work on the gut from the inside out. That has been the only thing that has helped me.. sorry!

Julie Miller
We all need to vent so vent away…. you will get better days but it is just all so frustrating xx

Jessica Peterson
I hear ya! Dr’s are no help! I am having a break out now. I have Grandmas poison ivy soap. I just dumped cold water over my legs several ti
Es, ran the soap over them and got a good leather on them. Stood in front of a fan to dry the soap. It helps to keep them cold and the soap helps with the itch. I also take a lot of benadryl.

Jen Crowder Harvey
Itchy bumps suck and will push you to insanity at times. I have “bathroom cries” often and fits of erupting screams “that I just need a short break”. I feel better afterwards but it doesn’t change it. Actually it makes them worse because I get hot!

Trey Hall
I don’t know what medication you but but once I started taking montelukast mixed with a xyzal pill I have been hive free

Karen Hoffee Hewitt
I feel for you, as I’ve had those days too. Hang in there.

Shelly MacKenzie McMurrian
Yup it sucks and others don’t understand or get it! Changes the person you once was ☹️

Tammy Thomas Suire
I’ve seen allergists dermatologists and immunologists. Many others. No cause can be found It has been 39 yrs for me. Fortunately minimum antihistamines work to make life livable but in no wY gets rid of them

Julianne Morris
Tammy Thomas Suire wow. 39 years. I’m at 10 and can’t believe this is still happening to me.

Tammy Thomas Suire
Julianne Morris I used to get remissions that lasted as much as 5 yrs. but they always came back. Now it appears remissions are a thing of the past. Age perhaps

Julianne Morris
Tammy Thomas Suire I would love a year off. I get them for months. Then a month or so off.

Herb Kris Dula
Tammy Thomas Suire how did they go in remission like what were you taking at the time.

Tammy Thomas Suire
Herb Kris Dula I was taking nothing. These things just go in remission on their own. If you are taking something then that is not remission. That means they are just controlled. I never took anything until the last ten years. Doctors back then did not even mention that antihistamines could help. Only gave steroid cream.

Herb Kris Dula
Tammy Thomas Suire so you weren’t taking any antihistamines? How long did it take usually for them to go in remission?

Tammy Thomas Suire
Herb Kris Dula doctors back then never even mentioned antihistamines. It would break out in the most intense itch and I’d suffer for months. Then just go away. Reappear about four or five yrs later. Then same thing. Last months. Disappear. But then in 2011 it came back and has not gone away. I guess being older has something to do with it. But in 2015 I found a Facebook group and finally understood what I have. And this time a dermatologist told me about antihistamines

Herb Kris Dula
Tammy Thomas Suire so you we’re still able to take the antihistamines and it would still go into remission. The antihistamines didn’t affect if it went into remission or not it just helped control the symptoms. Did you find them safe?

Tammy Thomas Suire
Herb Kris Dula I have not ever gone into remission since starting antihistamines. I wonder sometime if that’s why

Herb Kris Dula
Tammy Thomas Suire hmmmm that’s what I’m struggling with too is to see if my body will correct itself

Tammy Thomas Suire
Herb Kris Dula I’m glad that in all those years I was never aware that antihistamines would control the itch. It was hard to live with but it eventually went away. I feel once you start taking the antihistamine it messes up your histamine even more. But now I take them. But not a lot. I use minimal

Herb Kris Dula
Tammy Thomas Suire how long until you went into your first remission?

Tammy Thomas Suire
Herb Kris Dula that was over 35 yrs ago so I don’t remember but it was usually a couple months or so

Jacque Line
See an Immunologist or Allergist, dermatologists don’t help much with hives. ❤

Jeny Amor
Sorry it’s so bad. Xolair is good and natural quercetin as well.

Helen Fay
It is very depressing.

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