Now have hives at the sides of my eyes where the tears rolled.

I’ve been having such a shitty week with hives going crazy and causing joint pain, realizing I’m having withdraw symptoms from all these crazy meds. I’m so frustrated that after 7 relentless months, no tests show any reason why I’m still having hives after the parasite has been eradicated.
Having a little pitty party and shed a few tears, now have hives at the sides of my eyes where the tears rolled.
How do we hold up through this? I’m so sore in the wrists, it feels like they’re both severely sprained, and my knee is buckling and full of hives now too. I’m so frustrated, thanks for hearing me, support group!


Sharon Dewstowe We just battle through, don’t we Connie? I hate this condition with a passion. It frustrates me that they cannot give a reason to it all starting and there is no end date either. Mine is about to have its 6th birthday cake. People who don’t suffer don’t understand and unfortunately, that goes for some “experts” too. I totally get how you feel. Rant on here, that’s how we all get by. We know everybody on here empathises with us. Stay strong lovely, always shoulders on here to lean on.

Connie Cromien McAdam Thank you Sharon, I needed a lean today.

Sharon Dewstowe No problem. I’m feeling quite itchy and irritable today.

Connie Cromien McAdam Sending you a prop-up!

Connie Cromien McAdam Woke with angiodema on my lip and the hive still in the corner of my eye!

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