Once upon a hive

The hive came out of nowhere

Once upon a hive
I believe that I will beat her & survive
The hive came out of nowhere
I started to be allergic to even air
Doctors said stay away from allergens
Which is unknown and everywhere
When I was young they didn’t say water is dangerous
They taught me that it’s source of life
They deceived me and it’s unfair
I used to enjoy taking shower
But now i have no power
I used to enjoy my meal
Now food and everything is my ceil
Afraid to sleep every hive is an alarm beep
Will my throat close will it develop deep?
My life turned up around
My close ones are afraid to hear my sound
They love me but afraid of being near
They don’t like to be in fear
Last Time we gathered I was about to die
Sometimes I raise my head and look at say
How long it will stay?
How much else I will pay?
I miss being alone and me
Because now we are there
Me and urticaria and fear
I will keep searching and fighting to get my life
I believe that I will do it and I will survive
Even if Doctors answers aren’t fair
and say just take xolair


Char Nielsen
Love this.

Melissa Zoccola-Cucchiara
❤️ we r all in this together

Bradley Cherna
Beautiful and true. Here for you!

Bonnie Schultz
I liked the line, me urticaria and fear

Kathy Anstead
Wow that’s good

Caren Neal
This is so so true and awesome. Thanks so much for sharing:)

Maureen Davidson
Very true and very good you take care

Maureen Davidson
Your most welcome

Akram Elkhangy
Thank you all for your encouragement and kind words😊

Amy Timmer Johnson
That’s so true and so beautifully written. 💕

KaseyJane Gallant
Omg can I use this please!! Akram Elkhangy There are a few things I will change but OMG I could not say it much different

Akram Elkhangy
KaseyJane Gallant thank you so much!
How do you want to use it?

Akram Elkhangy
KaseyJane Gallant you can pm me and we can consolidate

KaseyJane Gallant
Akram Elkhangy I messaged you!

Sophia Lorene
your post gives so much positivity…praying that one day we will all share that we are having normal lives already

Ramona Ungureanu
Love it!!! Hang in there with hope that you will beat this. I have been really bad for two years, every day was a nightmare. Now i am enjoying two years of fully recovered and I am even pregnant. Family, friends, doctors, work colleagues and this fb group have been my best medicine… so was xolair, ranitidine, fexofenadine, cold showers and so on 🙂 i never know what was the cause and if it comes back, but every day hivefree is a gift in my life. Wish you to get well soon and thank you for sharing!

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