One month of no hives with the Xolair injection

Well, after one month of no hives with the Xolair, the are starting to creep up again..I was hoping for a miracle and Go into remission. Now I can’t get the next injection until I get a “moderate” amount of hives again, per my allergist


Paul Chopra You need to talk to you allergist about that. Xolair often takes several months to work.

Christymae N Kenny Dean It was working from the second day I got my first injection. It’s been a miracle. They are just creeping back up

Rhoda Young It took until after 3rd injections to feel any relief, but itched all month after 4th. Got my 5th today, so fingers crossed My face is all hivey, swollen & itchy however. Hope your hives don’t last x

Maggie Maye So you have only had one set of shots? Last month?

Sue Elshire Hargrave Nooooooo! Hope it will just go away and never come back!

Holly Tunning Canfield What? Your allergist is making you wait until you’re all broken out again before your next shot? That’s not right.

Christymae N Kenny Dean That’s what I thought! I was supposed to get them every so often! I’m going to call again tomorrow and let her know this isn’t right!

Holly Tunning Canfield For CIU it’s labeled to be given every 4 weeks. I’d been talking to my allergist about that.

Elena Caudle Hutchison Xolair is not a one time fix. You need it every 4 weeks (or 2-3 weeks for some of us)

Joyce Rosenblatt Find another dr

Carla Gregory Maxwell One shot is crazy to me. I think you need a new doc, because it doesn’t sound like your current doc has a good understanding of how Xolair really works.

Christymae N Kenny Dean That’s what I thought, that it was supposed to be every month or 6 weeks. Not wait until I’m covered in hives again and itching like crazy! 😢 I’ll write her again. Thanks everyone

Tammy Gardner U get two every 4 wks. Had my fifth one to day. I just don’t like side effects and still have hives off and on feet and head arm pits always. Also I still itch. Just don’t get enormous hives. U meet with my doc next week to see if it’s really doing what it’s supposed to?

Christymae N Kenny Dean I have to make another appointment see what she says

Andy Hutchinson Looks “moderate” to me!! Sounds like your doctor needs to read the recommendations again. Every 4 wks is pretty standard. i even went to every 2 wks when every 4 wasn’t working. Call in the am and insist in a discussion! Hope you get some sleep tonight.

Christymae N Kenny Dean I woke up with more on my legs on my arm so yeah I think it’s time she needs to do something I don’t want to be in a full blown all over attack before she gives me my next shot Woke up with more hives, the bigger ones that cause the bruising..yes I’d say it’s time for my injection!

Terri Binga Just know that when the weather is extremely hot 🔥 that can have an effect on hives (it effects the mast cells) even if on Xolair. My son who is now 12 has been on Xolair for 19 months now & in the last month his hives have been creeping on him a bit. Keep with it . You will feel better & better as the treatments go along. FYI My son ALWAYS has a reaction the first 2-3 days after his treatments then the rest of the month he is usually hive free. Xolair is the best treatment for CIU I will keep praying for you.

Rosalyn A Jarrett-Davis That’s crazy, Xolair is a continuous drug. One shot doesn’t work like that, my hives where gone the same day but I’m still A-symptomatic. Allergist couldn’t help me with this disease I got a Immunologist and it has been smooth sailing I’m in remission 2 years now.

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