Only the hydroxyzine helps itching really

Been having hives since Feb 1st. Allergy test 2 weeks ago nothing.
Waiting on call from specialist for follow up on what to do next. Some days are better than others past few days worst it’s ever been. I was told to take antihistamines am and pm. Was on steroids nothing helps! Only the hydroxyzine helps itching really.


GINA MARIE DOMINO Been giving my 8 year old Benadryl in the am and dousing her with sunblock (in case it’s from the sun) seems to be working

CHRISTY TAYLOR Is this your first time breaking out? If so, I’m with you; mine started about the same time! I saw a dermatologist first but had already started reading all I could on line. I have an appointment with an allergist on May 1st. The dermatologist gave me a prescription for prednisone and I was going to try not to use it, but I gave in a couple of weeks ago. I am still tapering off – it does help but I realize I shouldn’t use it long term. I decided last weekend to do the paleo diet. Many people in this group recommended it & it’s something I can do on my own NOW! I love carbs and sugar and potatoes and pizza and ice cream….but I HATE hives (and mine are not near as bad as many on the group). It’s only been a few days but on the non prednisone days they seem to be a little “less”. I’ve said it many times – this stuff is crazy!

MANDI ELKEN I took prednisone twice. Once taper down one and second was straight pills for 5 days. Nothing helped. I had twice swollen lips and ones went to ER for them, throats felt funny. Another ER visit because a Dr I saw in place of my reg Dr gave me antibiotic and I had allergic reaction. I am to the point now I don’t want to go out. Not sure when I’ll start to itch like crazy, they hives themselves have been with me everyday and don’t go away really. Or they lighten a bit only. Stressing about them doesn’t help.

CHRISTY TAYLOR I had no idea this even existed before mine started a couple of months ago. I had had a couple of “skin reactions” but isolated and small. I have other autoimmune issues and figured it was part of that & still do even with the hives. This is a great group – very informative & supportive! Stressing doesn’t help but it’s sure hard to stay calm!

MANDI ELKEN I’m much better now. 2.5 months now and I’m just going to try and chill about it. My grandmas funeral was Tuesday and I needed pants and long sleeve shirt. Didn’t want anyone seeing the spots!

TANYA HARRISON Your post Christy Taylor sounds like mine. I have never experienced hives before until 8 weeks ago. And the Drs are unsure what’s causing it and the only thing that works are prednisolone but as we know it’s not a solution and can’t be used long term. It’s a horrible thing and I have been looking into changing what we eat and paleo etc. I am off to a specialists next week but not holding to much hope on that

Dani Marie Niemi Same. I got a biopsy and came back just hives.. 😖 Sunday I started a candida diet. I found out it was my birth control pills. I take them at night and I break out bad like that every morning. I stopped my pills and it’s barely anything right now.

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