hi please advise me how to dealing with hives

Please advise me how to dealing with hives

I been dealing with hives for almost a month they gave me steroids for a week but instead of getting better they seem to get worse some days , they refer me to an allergist and she didn’t want to test me since she said my diet is the same that it’s stress causing it i don’t know , please advice me how to dealing with hives.


Lynn Lucas Gould I would definitely try antihistamines, there are several good ones, and everyone seems to have favorites in this group. You can check out the search bar on the group’s home page and do some research on which ones seem to help people.
Stress can be the tipping point for some who get this condition. Personally, mine started after a major traumatic event almost 4 years ago. After that, I started reacting with hives to any and everything. Things that never bothered me before. You can also look into a low histamine diet to help keep them under control, and avoid taking ibuprofen and aspirin. They both make hives worse.

Hannah Parker Take benadryl, it’s only been a month and typically acute hives last 4-6 weeks so you may be in the clear if it’s been 1.5 months make an appointment with a different allergist.

Tammy Starren I suggest a non sedating one first like zyrtex. Benadryl is sedating. Zyrtex lasts 24 hours…well its supposed to. Also get tested for thyroid and autoimmune stuff

Bonnie Meinerts Have the tested your vitamin d or thyroid? I definitely recommend getting those tested.

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