Please help point me in the right direction

Two long months. The last pic shows a progression of about a 4 hour time span.
They came from nowhere. I don’t even know where to begin. What doctor to see. What tests to ask for. I have some other symptoms, I am just unsure how much they matter. I just don’t trust doctors at the moment. Please help point me in the right direction. Where to start. Who to call. I pay cash and I don’t want to be bounced from doc to doc. They are mainly on inner thighs, backs of legs and inside of arms. Thanks in Advance y’all.

Please help point me in the right direction


Beth Carrier Fye Samantha, what are you taking Now? I am having success with Naturopath now and recommend them, however, in VA they cannot write prescriptions or run blood tests. I think everyone should start with thyroid testing, including antibodies against. After 50 y essrs I am not a big advocate of allergy testing but it is successful for some.

Samantha Nichole Beth Carrier Fye I take Zyrtec in the morning, CBD oil throughout the day and Benadryl at night.

Beth Carrier Fye Samantha Nichole have you tried to add Zantac or pepcid? Zyrtec makes me too tired. I use generic Allegra instead. I have considered CBD oil too.

Samantha Nichole Beth Carrier Fye oh I forgot I take Zantac twice a day. I’ve been on ingestion prescription up until about a month ago I bumped down to over the counter.

Beth Carrier Fye Samantha Nichole I would start with Naturopath . Since you are doing out of pocket anyhow, it is probably your best option.

Dave Dev Samantha Nichole I agree with Beth, but do your research, Naturopaths do make a killing on selling you supplements that you “need” the same way doctors push pills and injections. I went to my ND for LDI immunotherapy…$150 plus office visit out of pocket…but she also upsold me on $800 of supplements! To get what I wanted (LDI), and keep her happy, I agreed to the supplements. My hives went away overnight and have stayed gone. Supplements, diets, lifestyle changes do not work that fast…it was the LDI.

Angie Smith Those look exactly like mine. I’ve had all the antihistamines and nothing works so they suggested the xolair injection which is $1800 self pay😔

Jessica Knarr- Anderson Angie Smith did they have you fill out the paperwork for the copay program from xolair’s manufacturer? If you qualify the injection only costs you $5 per injection. My paperwork hasn’t been submitted yet, because thankfully(finger’s crossed) my hives have gone away after switching to Allegra twice a day, so I’m not sure what the criteria is to qualify.

Angie Smith Jessica Knarr- Anderson no didn’t know there was anything like this available

Jennifer Hwin My doctor gave me a stronger Zyrtec prescription along with a Zantac prescription twice a day with another night time allergy medication.
My hives have since gone away but I’m on all of these for a month to see if it really works for me.
I found a doctor that I feel super comfortable with and she is knowledgeable and always helps me in making me feel like I am in good hands. Find one for you

Amena Fayad If your having other symptoms it could be linked to an auto immune disease? Therefore I’d see a rheumatologist to make sure

Tania Gladson I hated taking so many pills so after many visits to a regular doctor/allergist/dermatologist… I now go to an acupuncturist who has put me on a more holistic way to get rid of them! My cause was “leaky gut” and I had to completely change my diet. I’ve had to go gluten free, soy free, dairy free! Basically vegan as well, but I’m able to eat organic chicken and some types of fish a couple times a week.
If you’re paying out of pocket anyways, it’s an option! They give you supplements, a hair folical test to see what your intolerances are. Then I’ve gone to see them for treatment twice a week. It has helped immensely!

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