Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions

On June 4th I was sitting in the grass for about 3 hrs (don’t know if it’s related) only my arms and feet were exposed. There was nothing different that I did or ate.. The next morning I woke up with hives covering my back and sides. Took benadryl which helped. They lasted a few days but calmed down a lot and I stopped having to take meds.
This past week they flared up again. And now it seems like my skin is reacting to touch / scratches as well. I’m nursing my son and after he nurses I have a bunch of streaks on my chest. I was laying in bed and looked in the mirror and had a bunch of streaks on my back.

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions

I drew a Z with my nail on my arm and moments later it turned red. I’m wondering If its Dermatographia or does skin just react that way with a lot of histamine in it ?
I’ve been taking allegra and benadryl to keep hives down. This is all so stressful and I keep reading about how it can last for years. I went to the dr today and he prescribed prednisone. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions. I’m so lost with all of this. Thank you


Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions

Carryn Jurgens Try not to take prednisone if you don’t have too. Got stuck on it for over a year.

Alexis Marie Butler Carryn Jurgens can you give me a little more details please. I took 1 dose already 

Laura Bellis Thanks for sharing this and everyones comments/info…this is exactly what is happening to me.. starts as small hives, and if I scratch or my puppy scratches me my skin goes insane with hives 🙁 If I brush my scalp gets insanely itchy!

Sphencer Perales its dermatographia, fish oil really help me overcome that thing.

Tamra Gumm Sphencer Perales did you take it by mouth or rub it on?

Tammy Starren Oh yes do tell

Sphencer Perales by mouth of course . you can buy it in every pharmacy, omega 3

Wilma Westenberg This is exactly how my hives look like. If I scratch gently, it looks like a tiger attacked me lol. I have it at least every day, often multiple times a day. I take 1 pill of desloratadine aurobindo 5mg every day and it helps, I don’t get flares when I take the medicine 

Elizabeth Ann I have it too, for about 4 years now… no known causes and no solution

Laura Miller Try garlic vitamins this has helped me greatly I too am breastfeeding my daughter however mine seems to only pop up at night but they get a lot better with the garlic, also I have found zertec greatly help when they are really bad. Sadly I have been getting them for 3 months now.

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