Prayers please that methotrexate works for hives

Good morning from your hivey friend. I start on methotrexate today. Prayers please that it works and life will get better. Love you all. Have a great and hopefully a hive-free day.


Nadi Badi You are in our prayers. Hope you’ll feel better soon and that this will be the solution to your hivey problems.

Letitia Kavanagh Prayers and best wishes sent your way x

Tracey Francis Good luck. I think I’m starting it next week. Hope all goes well for you

Victoria Havers-Strong Thank you! I’ll let you know how it goes.

Paul Shumway Good luck!!

Victoria Havers-Strong Please tell me I’ll get immediate relief? How soon does it work?

Katie Oliver I’m on methotrexate for urticaria and also eczema. The times for it working can vary, it took around 3-4 months for me whilst staying on prednisolone but tapering down throughout. Side effects make me feel poop, but I happily put up with them for clear skin!

Jo Beth Murphree DeVore I know these.

Rhoda Young Good luck

Patricia Davis I hope this works for you. It has really helped get mine under control.

Victoria Havers-Strong I’m so depressed. I took the methotrexate four hours ago. The hives are no better.

Patricia Davis It’s not instant. It may take a week or two. Mine did. And it’s not always perfect but it’s better than it was.

Victoria Havers-Strong I feel better hearing that. Thank you. So far I feel zero side effects, which surprises me.

Melissa Smith It was the only thing that has worked for me. It did take about 3-4 months for me to be hive free. I’m still taking some antihistamines but off prednisone. Methotrexate makes me tired and I get a slight headache. I used to have nausea but not anymore.

Victoria Havers-Strong Which antihistamine works for you?

Melissa Smith I’m now down to 10mg Singular 1x 50mg Atarax 1x and 150mg 2x a day of Zantac.

Victoria Havers-Strong Atarax?

Melissa Smith Hydroxyzine is the generic name.

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