Praying for everyone to have relief and get the right Hive treatment. Don’t give up.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria and Angioedema. In short, I have daily hives. After a year of suffering with physical pain and mentally draining skin disease, I have never seen my skin this clear again. I would say, Thank you for Xolair injections!

I used to take 2 ranitidine and 2 telfast + phenergan everyday (still got the hives everyday but less itchy)
And now I am due for my 3rd shots of Xolair and currently taking 1 ranitidine a day.
Praying for everyone to have relief and get the right treatment. Don’t give up. God bless


Ann Matzkanin
Wish I could afford it 🙁

Rosavine A. Pablo
Ann Matzkanin I only got lucky that my medicare covered some of the cost, otherwise I couldn’t afford this treatment myself. I hope that you can find help or programs that can provide you for treatment. It isn’t easy but hopefully things work out well for you.

Brittanie Ann
Ann Matzkanin you apply for the xolair program. And you qualify if you make under 75k a year. Ask your doctor about it!!!

Ann Matzkanin
Brittanie Ann thank you

Brittanie Ann
Atleast that’s what I quick read when I applied for it back in January! I applied for it at my immunologist

Joe Nimon
Thanks for sharing!

Vanessa Briefer Reagan
I’ve had 3 Xolair shots and absolutely no improvement. Maybe it’s still coming?

Rosavine A. Pablo
Vanessa Briefer Reagan I thought it didn’t work for me too. Every individual has different results so I hope it will be effective for you soon.

Cathy Stange
R the side affects of xolair serious

Rosavine A. Pablo
Cathy Stange So far, the only side effects for me are headache, nausea and flu like symptom. But they didn’t last for long or not happen frequently. So I’d take them than hives

Lisa Schieber
I had hives for a year. Had to have the injections for 9 months. Now I am hive free. I gained about 10 pounds, but have lost it since I’ve been off them.
It was the only thing that worked for me.

Sandy Kromer Eggert
I’m the “before” picture. Waiting for my first Xolair injection. So glad it is working for you Rosavine A. Pablo

Rosavine A. Pablo
Sandy Kromer Eggert Needed to go thru it day by day and I hope it will also work effectively with you after your injections. Best of luck.

Amanda Firestone DuVall
Did your hives stop after the first shot? I got mine yesterday and they are still here

Rosavine A. Pablo
Amanda Firestone DuVall No, And I was being impatient and doubtful about it. I was flaring up for few days after the first injections. Then I had my second shots just 2 weeks ago and recently I’ve been getting only smaller hives to almost nothing. So I really pray that this will work for yous all too. And hoping that day will come and we all be hive free! 😭🙂 I know Xolair are just like oral antihistamines. As they say, it isn’t a cure but only a relief. But who knows can be either way, as long as we don’t feel the pain all the time.

Angela Langan
Ive had 3 shots of xolair and still have hives daily 😢 I guess different things work for different people…… antihistamines keep me from having full on breakouts but I still get them daily.

Rosavine A. Pablo
Angela Langan Aww sometimes it takes awhile to work for some individuals. Don’t loose hope. Will pray that it will work well for you soon.

Lysa Cotterill
Worked for me about 3 months then stopped completely…. even at 600mg. It is not the miracle cure for everyone


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