Reading this book and very informative

Reading this book and very informative. Highly suggest reading. Also has anyone tried fresh celery juice for a month straight when you first wake up? I’m on week one and it’s calmed down my hives and I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time. Cross my fingers I’m not jinxing myself.


Cammie Louise Celery juice has been the best for my hives. I did a week straight and now I do about once a week when I remember.

Anthony Hitchcock Cammie Louise can you buy celery juice or do you put celery in a juicer

Roni Anger-Gerhardt do you make it yourself, or do you buy it premade

Penelope Auset It looks like a great book, liver is connected to skin so yes that makes sense!!!!

Tess Adams My liver has finally been detoxed from celery juicing and my acupuncture is working too. My hives has cleared up and been eating clean, no red meat, no gluten, no dairy, no soy. I thank God I know what to do if my hives ever comes back.

Neecee TW Tess Adams How long have you been doing celery juicing to see your hives cleared?

Tess Adams Neecee TW 3 months straight. It wasn’t easy at first but I keep on keeping on. The will is so powerful it can be done if you truly desire to heal and your body will thank you for it😍

Ali Seimetz Eisner Tess Adams love to hear good news like this! I’m on week 2 of celery and have been eating cleaning for over a month now. Still have hives just slowing getting less and less although today was more, maybe detoxing? How long until hive free and do you drink alcohol? I miss wine – haven’t had a drink since the super bowl

Irene Martin Started doing the celery juice, but stopped because I couldn’t get organic celery where I live. I’ve read that celery is one of the few vegetables that has lots of pesticides, so put me off. Interested to know if all of you are using organic. Great that it is helping everyone.

Paula Rigley Irene Martin as long as you wash well you should be fine. My mum uses none organic and there’s been no problems x

Irene Martin Paula Rigley thanks Paula, think I will give it another go. A friend of mine told me yesterday that if you put a few teaspoons of vinegar in the water, it helps to remove pesticides, it can’t do any harm. Find it hard getting any organic vegetables sometimes😜


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