Red , Spotty and the odd itchy day

I’ve had a bad morning thankfully all ok now.. well nearly. I had bad cu come up mainly on my face and top half and lovely angiodema which I rarely get today was a new one my ears swelled up they are still slightly swollen but thankfully the rest has gone now. this was me at just after 9:30am so 3 hours ago.
now back to normal other than ears. all I’ve taken was naproxen for the swelling and 2 ceterizine. currently not on daily meds and been fairly ok for nearly a month just a red and spotty and the odd itchy day. On a slightly happy note I had an MRI a few weeks back and they found ‘sinusitis’ so have to wait to go see the consultant but might have just found my trigger so to speak. just got to carry on going 🙂 to close to give up now


Missi Nelson I’m sorry this popped up again this morning, especially after being off meds. Hopefully treating the sinusitis will be your cure! On a side note, I was curious that the Naproxen didn’t trigger CU for you but helped, as NSAIDs are definitely a trigger for me.

Jaime Bundy some reason I can take then I take ibuprofen at times as well not a trigger I am allergic to fexofenadine thou. oh how nice it would be to be normal!! lol

Missi Nelson At this point I’m believing no one us normal! Lol, but especially not us

Jayne Kelly I’ve taken ibuprofen all my life but when I took it 2 weeks ago I had a severe allergic reaction to it and ended up in a&e, never allowed to take it again now 🙁 I had hives on my face this morning too and I think on my scalp also cos my head was itchy as hell, I find head and shoulders shampoo really helps when I have them on my scalp if you’re ever afflicted there x

Carla Gregory Maxwell Wow. I’m glad you’re better. I never had them that bad on my face.

Jaime Bundy thanks. I do use the head and shoulders mainly hadn’t even connected it but me head feels better after but use because I am prone to dry skin (eczema my immune system hates me I think) I’m still feeling it but I don’t need to tell anyone here about the recovery time we all suffer on our worse days. still a bit swollen but manageable hope to feel better in the morning I would feel normal but that would be asking for way to much!

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