share my collection of hives with you

Thought I’d share my collection of hives with you guys. Doctor just wants me to document them and write down food I eat, detergent I use perfume anything etc.


THALIA OKEY It’s sucks , feeling for you

DEE ANN MIDCAP I am so sorry! Don’t you just hate those “beasts”? Looks very familiar! Do you ever get them on the bottom of your feet!?

MALEEKA ALLEN THEY’RE the most horrible things in the world, never had anything like it .yes had them on bottom of feet and aren’t they a bitch to itch

DEE ANN MIDCAP Is anyone having any luck trying to treat the hives with the Holistic approach?

MALEEKA ALLEN For me sitting in a Apple cider vinegar bath, with the lights off and listening to some background noise like rainforest or beach waves helps relax me almost instantly


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