She does have eczema on her face and arms as well.

Hello. This is my first time posting. My daughter is 1.5. She’s been getting like this since newborn stage. The doctors keep saying it’s dermagraphia, and then don’t really say much else. But that doesn’t sit well with me. Any one have any advice on what this is. She does have eczema on her face and arms as well.


RAIN PHOENIX RAE oh dear God..please please protect these children from this horrible pain

ALYSON HILL LE My kids had this and we switched out everything that touches their skin. Switched to “All Free and Clear”, switched to all frangrance Free, dye free lotions and soaps… that helped the eczema… their cheeks didn’t stop turning red until i removed dairy.

ASHLEY MARTIN Thank you i will try this. I only use eczema related lotions and body washes.

KIM MAC DONALD SHEPHERD They haven’t tested them for any allergies? What skin care products are you using? Could it be a latex allergy (Can be found in products and food). Probiotics that have Bifidobacterium Infantis (the strain found in infants) can be helpful to lower Histamines?

ASHLEY MARTIN I use everything Aveeno eczema creams with her. After fighting with them over 22 months I was just finally referred to a allergist and a GI specialist. I just feel i need to see a dermatologist too. But they won’t let me.

KIM TETRAULT Have you tried a low-histamine diet for her??? This, along with supplements cured my husband of these insanely irritating hives! He went to see a naturopathic doctor, and BOOM. He’s finally enjoying life again!!

NANCY HALL Try some essential oil in the room like STRESS RELIEF a diffuser these are powerful scents meant to relieve….look into these….it is considered holistic but dont eliminate the minds conscience!

ISABELLA BRODERICK God bless baby. My heart is so sad looking at these picture. Praying for speedy recovery.


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