hi She has been Hive free for almost two years.

She has been Hive free for almost two years.

we got great doctor and we figured out it was overgrowth of yeast in the stomach so we treated with prednisone and diflucan over the course of four months .She has been Hive free for almost two years.
Hello everyone my wife, Kriste Colon, and I just joined this group. Our two and half year old daughter has had Chronic urticaria for over a year now without being able to figure out any triggers, there isn’t a day has gone by that she’s not covered head to toe in hives.
I am so sorry to see how many are effected by this condition and hope you all find relief and one day a cure. I feel relief knowing she is not alone in suffering with this terrible condition but scared this may effect her for the rest of her life. She’s currently on Hydroxzine(3 times a day), levocertizine(2 times a day), tagment (2 times a day), Singular (once a day) with no Relief, she has only once been hive free in the last year when on 14 days course of Steroids only to get worse when they were stopped. She complains of head pain, very lethargic at times, moody, does want to eat and had to go to food therapy for this but started eating really well when on steroids as she said she felt better. Her stomach swells up at times like a balloon. We don’t know what she is feeling as we aren’t in shoes and she just started communicating better as she learns to talk better and express how she is feeling. So we need all of you to help us understand better what she is feeling everyday, and any advice of how to provide her comfort (what makes you feel better?) , also any advice from those that antihistamines didn’t help and what was your next step in treatment. We are limited due to her age as most other meds haven’t been used on children her age. Parents with kids going through this what meds has your child been on?
What if anything have you found to help? We will be seeing a Rheumatologist for the first time this week as all allergy blood work has been negative (no skin testing can be done due to no window of clear skin and can’t go off meds, also has dermagraphia so all items tested for would be positive due to reaction of being scratched) sorry for long post we would appreciate any help or advice for our little girl. Thank you all.


Paul Chopra I can’t imagine the suffering, not being able to verbalized and recognize what to do to help yourself. This group has a LOT of info. Some is very specific to the individual and may or may not work for her. Just keep trying. The hardest thing for me personally is the fatigue and muscle aches. Oddly enough you get used to being itchy. Some advice: keep her finger nails trimmed really short, this help to keep from tearing of your skin. Taking showers helps for me, but not for all. Also touching can be uncomfortable, when all you want to do is be hugged and have human contact this can be hard, good luck and God bless.

Sarah Nielson Oh poor little blessing!! I am so sorry to see this little one going through this. It brakes my heart. I am sorry that I do not have a lot of advice on meds but can say that going gluten free has helped me a lot. I will keep her in my prayers. There is power in prayer.

Kristie Jane My daughter is 3, I feel your pain it’s horrible watching these babies go through this. She is on cetrizine twice daily at the moment although not helping well. She does find some comfort with cold compress’ rubbed over her body as she is falling asleep and Dead Sea salt baths. I’ve even had to draw spots on her favourite teddy so she doesn’t think she is alone. Hope she finds some ease soon

Lindsey Lea Have you checked the house for black mold? I had this very young to and it came back when I was exposed again in my late 20s. Also tumeric will help keep down the inflammation.

Steven Colon We live in Florida so mold can definitely be an issue… I am gonna look into it

Steven Colon Has Anybody had their cd4 and cd8 cells tested My little one had abnormalities in both

Norma Ross We all feel your pain but you may get the support you need from the Facebook page “Parents of Children with Chronic Urticaria” Good luck x

Angela Leeder A rhuemy is a great idea One of my daughters has JDM (juvenile dermatomyositis) and presented with hives, not wanting to walk or eat, hives, dermatographism , daily low grade temps and rashes . And my other daughter has chronic hives and hashimotos disease, all autoimmune, so some bloods from a rheumatologist may give u some answers as prednisone is the mainstay medication for a flare of autoimmune diseases hence why your daughter responded. There’s lots of autoimmune diseases but like JDM, lupus, mixed connective tissue disease . Pm me if after u Google u notice anything on your daughter that correlates.. My daughter with JDM was misdiagnosed a lot with hand foot and mouth diseas particularly for the rash part xx

Steven Colon Thanks I will definitely look into it and me or wife Kriste Colon will pm you

Keith Dorman Chronic urticaria often requires up to 4x the daily dose of antihistamines. There are treatment guidelines online you can google. Maybe you can push the levocertirizine to 4 times a day. Definitely try the low histamine diet if you can, especially avoid tomatoes and bananas.
There is also narrow band UVB therapy, it can help chronic urticaria when you have 20 to 30+ treatments. It isn’t age specific and could be an option for her.
There is also a supplement called Diamine Oxidase (DAO) which can help break down histamine, helps if you take it before meals.
Another supplement is Quercetin which is a mast cell stabilizer which can help.
Another option is Stinging Nettle tea, which is a strong natural treatment for hives but you may wanna check with a doctor to see if that would be safe for a child.

Suzie Marie I am so very sorry that you are all dealing with this.
She probably feel frustrated and itchy and hot and in pain. She does not understand this and hates it. Poor baby. I would gladly trade my good days for her bad ones if I could. You are all in my thoughts

Keith Dorman If you find a functional medicine doctor, consider Low Dose Naltrexone. It is a very benign medication that temporarily blocks your opioid receptors causing the body to respond by increasing the production of various levels of endorphins. This rebound effect decreases B and T cell activity which results in less hives and less itching.

Kriste Colon This post is 2 years old now. But thank you all for your kind words of concern. Someone ran across it in their search and it got bumped up in the group.

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