Should I be concerned or no for this hives?

Okay on a serious note I’ve never had a hive last this long I’ve had it for almost a week doesn’t itch any more but it was a deep dark red bullseye for almost 3 days this is the ending of it. Should I be concerned or no?


Bev Sandridge Wade Tick bite? Looks a little like a lyme bulls eye rash.

Kelsey Martin 🙁 where would I get a tick bite at?? Lol I’m so confused

Celtic Kim Get it checked because you can become very sick if it is.

Missy Harper Chapman Get it checked. My allergist is concerned if my hives don’t go away within 24 hours .I let them slide for a few days, but that doesn’t look good.

Ali Linney Go to your doctor or walk in centre urgently. Looks very much like a tick bite and they are endemic to the US. You can get one if you’ve been out in long grass, parks, fields, or anywhere really!

Kelsey Martin Well I tend not to go outside if I have to yet it was beautiful in Michigan this past weekend and thats where it started and I feel like ticks wouldn’t be around right now cuz it’s so cold

Bev Sandridge Wade I just pulled a tick off of my dog last week (in VA), and it was cold. One of their main breeding times is Sept/Oct, and yes, they do exist in the cold winters. They just hide in soil/leaves when it is really cold. We had them here last January.

Kelsey Martin Ahhh wouldn’t it hurt though if I got bit

Bev Sandridge Wade Most people don’t feel the bite or see the tick, if it was a nymph. I’ve had them that looked like specks of dirt. Might not be a tick bite, but better safe than sorry I think.

Helen Austin My hives can leave my skin marked for weeks and weeks but if worries always worth getting checked.

Anne Camille Jongleux It has not been cold enough for ticks to hibernate yet in most places throughout the upper Midwest. You should have that checked by your doctor. Also, you don’t need to be in the woods to be bitten by a tick.

Stacey Zamora honestly it looks more like ringworm I’d go get it checked

Monica Porcelli-Spada Isn’t that a sign of Lyme disease from a tick?

Donna Morrow I get those “bullseye” hives often. They can last for days, and sometimes (not always), they go from the “bullseye” pattern, right to a very tender bruise. Sure, get it checked to be safe! Let us know how it turns out!


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