Should I go to urgent care from hives

Not having a good morning. Getting worse could be all the dust in my house from construction. Took a cetirizine. Xolair shot is Monday.

Should I go to urgent care today and get a prednisone shot?


Beverly Sandusky-Radanovich I’ve been in the same boat as you, it’s so sad. Have you had the shot before? I have not and it’s something I think I wanna look into because I cannot continue like this. My doc never called me back on Friday which leaves me a mess all weekend so I am sure I will have an ER run before the weekend is up,

Malicia Watkins I’m starting up again after 4 years. I had to stop before because I ended up sick (unrelated) but wanted to be safe. Had one last month.

Sim Urivetzky I don’t think you should take prednisone. It made my hives come back twice as bad. Try getting in touch with you doctor for advice first. I’d say take zyrtec now & benadryl before you go to bed. Hope you feel better.

Malicia Watkins Don’t know if it’s the YAZ. It’s uncommon. I don’t know what to do. I know when I get the steroid shots I feel better. I haven’t had an outbreak since March

Beverly Sandusky-Radanovich I just stopped my Prednisone today because I believe they were making me worse

Malicia Watkins I’m calling the pharmacy right now wondering if it’s the YAZ I’m taking

Stewart Sodden I took pantomax for a month so far you can get over the counter with vitamins very helpful


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