So fed up of these hives

So fed up of these hives!! Second episode & had them already for 2 months. On 4 x 180mg fexofenadine and still bad flare ups in mornings. My skin is a mess with scabs from scratching, its so itchy.

Dunno what to do next?? Im due to return work after maternity leave soon & dont know how I am going to manage. Aahhh hate this condition!!!


Penelope Auset Try Chinese Tonic Herbs, not sure about the breast feeding though. It really helped me. Also LDN… feel better.

Leanne Brash I got herbal teas the last time I had it and didnt really help. Thank u x

January Payne Have you ever been prescribed the antihistamine hydroxyzine? I took 75 mg hydroxyzine (plus Zyrtec 3-times per day and Singulair too) at bedtime because I also woke up covered in hives every night/morning. I now get Xolair injections and no longer need hydroxyzine. If you haven’t tried Benadryl before, you might also see if taking that at bedtime helps. Hydroxyzine is very sedating, though, so if you’re waking up with a baby at night, Benadryl may be a better option because it is less sedating than hydroxyzine.

Leanne Brash January Payne i also take chlorophenamine at night. Dont think ive tried hydroxyzine. Another trip back to gp i think x

Moon de Heer January Payne i got knocked out for 12 hours from hydroxyzine , my mum couldn’t even wake me so never ever touched the stuff again

Meghan Graham Theres a monthly shot called xoliar for hives..

Leanne Brash Meghan Graham dunno if I can get that? Will ask doc x

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