So Frustrating! What has everyone else been told it is?

I have been diagnosed with CU, always in the same spots several times a week if not everyday. It resembles an autoimmune disease however every test always comes back “normal”.I have also been told it’s food allergies however doctors never really wanting to find out so they told me just take Benadryl everyday.


LYNN LUCAS GOULD Mine look the same way. They have gotten better since I have radically changed my diet, but if I have a flare up, right back to the same. All of the things Mariano mentioned above can trigger chronic hives. If you are using anything for pain relief, other than Tylenol, you might want to stick to just Tylenol. Aspirin based, and ibuprofen based pain meds usually make hives worse for people with chronic urticaria.

LIZ KING I’m concerned about any doctor that pushes Benadryl, it’s no longer considered safe enough to use like us Hivers require. I would look for a new specialist. How many doctors have you seen? What kind of specialties? What kinds of testing have you had? Your explanation was too general. But it’s ok if you want to be private but it doesn’t help those with experience here discuss anything in detail.

ABADEL NAWIR you don’t eat Zyrtec ?

SHAWNAND ANNIKA FRALEY They never told me too?

LYNN LUCAS GOULD Maybe he’s wondering if you take something like Zyrtec, or Allegra, or another antihistamine, on a regular basis. Benadryl is good for unmanageable flare ups, but have you considered trying an over the counter allergy medication once your flare up is under control? I take a generic Zyrtec with a maximum strength generic Pepcid both in the morning when I wake up, and at night. The Pepcid, or another product like it, boosts the effect of the antihistamines. It will do the same with Benadryl.

JASMINE DOBOSIEWICZ I was told I have a nuisance autoimmune disease – I get ridiculously itchy and break out in hives from time to time, particularly when I get stressed. The allergist gave me a list of pills to try, starting with just taking 2 Claritin in the morning and 2 Zyrtec at night, then added Singulair and Pepcid. This gets it to the point where it’s controlled but still aggravating from time to time. He said he doesn’t want to do anything more because the next level of medication is autoimmune type and he said the side effects are more dangerous than he’s comfortable with for my situation. He said, “I’d rather look funny and be itchy than have those side effects.”

JASMINE DOBOSIEWICZ I was told to take benadryl if it’s really necessary, but certainly not every day.

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