sometimes swelling of my face and hands. Does anyone know why this happens ?

my face and hands

as soon as my skin is in contact with the sun this happens.. sometimes swelling of my face and hands I am on Fexofenadine 180mg but it doesn’t really work it keeps the swelling away but never the redness, itchy soreness! I take vitamin D of my own back due to reading it somewhere, what are my options with medication does anybody know I’m in the UK and the doctors aren’t that sympathetic really! 5 years I’ve had this, it’s ruining my life!


LIZ KING There are a great deal of resources among these threads, tips, tricks, experience, what has worked, what hasn’t and tons of validation.
Sounds like you need new doctors. These days you can research them online. You will need to become your own advocate and don’t blindly believe what doctors say about this, plenty have little understanding but would never admit it



VIVIENNE SEYMOUR Hello Zoe, i am in the UK. I take 4 Fexofenadine 180mg and 1 Ceterizine a.m. daily and 2 Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride 25mg and 1 Montelucast in the evening daily. I have Cetraben cream to apply topically and mostly these work for me but with occasional breakouts of course. I had 150 patches on my back 2 years ago testing for allergies of which none reacted apart from the adhesive on the dressings used! However, i know i am allergic to elastane/elastic, nickel, sometimes my silver jewellery (!) and my own sweat. Just keep going back to the GP, i know its a pain as there is usually nothing to show them and ask to be referred to a dermatology depth if your GP doesn’t help

ZOEY BRERETON Thank you, I also have a reaction from wearing plasters, butterfly stitches etc anything sticking to my skin. It’s so annoying because no one understands I hate going out in the summer due to people staring at me!

ANDREA MLLER SUTTER Hi i am from switzerland. Have the same😵nothing helps. I trird so much…now i try another medication called plaquenil. Its for patients who have lupus

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