Sporadic hives and symptoms for the last ten years and coming up on a year straight of at least some spots

I can’t let this control me.

Sporadic hives and symptoms for the last ten years and coming up on a year straight of at least some spots(amounts vary).
Today is a bad day. I must have a cold coming on cause I have the circular hives, the ones that look like ring worm, covering my body like I laid in a bed of the spores. On top of that every joint including inside of my toes is begging for relief.
I was hoping to see a man today but I’m not sure it’s far enough into the courting to let him see me this way.
Most days I push through. I go on walks and hang out with friends but today…
Not even the bath in oils and sweet smelly herbs seems to help.
If I could just get some encouragement from people who live this way too, I would appreciate it deeply.
I can’t let this control me.


Shawnda Leslie-Butler
I feel you. I hate those kinda days. Make it a self care day, especially if you feel a cold coming on. Feel better! 💕

Elaine Palmer
Those days suck !! Nothing seems to help and the pain is awful. I do feel for you. all I can do on days like these is hold on to hope that a better day is coming. Maybe today is not the best day to meet with a new man but a good way to see how compassionate he is to quick cancelling of plans. As it is something that loved ones need to understand. Very best wishes for better days ahead ❤️

Anne Camille Jongleux
I’m sorry. Relax, rest. Yes, do not let it control you, but if you need rest, if you feel poorly, listen to your body. Don’t cancel your date – rescheduled it. Tell him you’re sick and set a specific date to meet, not some vague “rain check”. That way it’s clear you’re not avoiding him. If he isn’t understanding that you’re feeling unwell, then that will tell you about his compassions and level of understanding. I would not go into details at this time – you never need to tell people your medical info unless you want to. Hope you’re feeling better quickly.

Jo Richardson
It really depends on how into each other you are. I used to try and hide from bf when I was bad, but he started just showing up because he wanted to do things to make me feel better, even if that meant just a cuppa because he’s not allowed to touch me when I’m bad. That was 9 years ago… and he’s still here helping me to feel better when I need it.

Sophie Desnoyers
Ditto on the rain check! One of the really stupid things about hives is they do not cooperate when we need a good day! Hang in there, it will get better. And reschedule with a firm date!

Kym Hawkshead Klein
This began yesterday – which just happened to be my 16th wedding anniversary 😟 needless to say, we canceled our dinner reservations BUT, hubby and I enjoyed our evening together in front of the fireplace, cocktail in hand. It’s what we make of it! Embrace what we can’t control realizing there will be good and bad days with CIU and be thankful – it could be alot worse.

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