Started as small hives and now every day.

I started getting hives 1 month ago to the day. Started as small hives and now every day. Everyday I wake up with a prickly rash all over my arms and my skin just hurts in general. I found this yesterday. So to urgent care I went and waiting for Lyme results. Ugh


TAMMY THOMAS SUIRE Lyme? Let us know results. I’ve had this more years than I can count

LINDSEY SCHEER Yes they tested lyme and lupus. Lyme test takes a week to come back

LORETTA MORSE LEIGHTON It is treatable – we get many cases here in Maine and this might be the source of your hives.

NATASHA FENNEMA When I get giant hives on my arms they look like bulls eye rashes as they go away sometimes… hopefully same for you…

LYNN LUCAS GOULD I thought the same thing, as that happens with my hives too.

LINDSEY SCHEER That’s what I’m thinking as it has sense disappeared and my foot is a tad bit swollen now.

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