Still having a small amount of breakthrough hives

Started this Monday evening. Take 2 times a day, just 1/2 tsp. It was the only addition, and Vitamin A done. I haven’t had breakthrough hives in 2 days, that’s a first since the Prednisone. It tastes horrible, but worth it if it works. If this continues, I will drop my morning Randitine when I fill my pill boxes this weekend.

Update … Back to Naturopath. Keeping up with everything except Vitamin A. Adding this to the routine. Hoping to be able to gradually cut back on Randitine over the coming weeks. We discussed next steps to include diet since I want to lose weight also. I could do a Food Intolerance test but that involves more money and not ready to do that yet. I had a choice of a Sardine Apple 😲diet for 10 days to reset. I just couldn’t bring myself to that yet.
The next choice is a Mito food plan. It is described as anti-inflammatory, low glycemic, low grain, gluten free. The plan supports a healthy mitochondria. Going back beginning of August for reassessment and possibly discussing LDI therapy. She has been investigating and has some thoughts. (Dave Dev) Still having a small amount of breakthrough hives, but very encouraged at my progress.


Dave Dev You go! I know you been at this a looong while…you set a good example for the others in the group to never give up and just accept.. hives. 

Beth Carrier Fye Dave Dev thanks! Definitely has been a battle over the years. But when you have taste of normalcy again you know you have to get back. This time I wasn’t as willing to go into long term heavy medication. You and I, and others need to continue to share the success with the empathy of others still fighting to find their solution

Deanna Casamatta Watts Where are you located? Sounds like you have a great naturopath!

Amy Shinkle Deanna Casamatta Watts don’t let location hold you back. I’m seeing a naturopath I saw when I lived in Minnesota 10 years ago and I now live in Illinois.

Beth Carrier Fye Deanna Casamatta Watts Richmond, VA but I agree with Amy.

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