Still taking vitamins and supplements to help my hair come back

Daily head to toe hives..

After 9 months of near daily head to toe hives, angioadema, hair loss, despair and basically feeling hideous….i finally feel like me again. New tattoos always make me feel beautiful, but this new one has even more meaning. Finally something new and beautiful is on my skin!!!
I’m one month of almost hive free. They’ve almost gone away mysteriously, just like when they popped up in July. I’ll still have a few here and there, but they’re smaller than a dime and I don’t want to scratch my skin off. I’m off Prednisone and antihistamines. Still taking vitamins and supplements to help my hair come back. I still start to freak if I feel any slight tingles or pinpricks. I know it can come back. But today….today i feel normal. And pretty. And damn it…hives can eff offfff!!!
I know this condition is maddening. Take every sliver of good you can, don’t let this shit rule you.


Amanda McCabe
Just for refrence, this was me on March 23rd, 2019. The lowest I’d felt in a long time, hiding in my house on a gorgeous day because I was covered in hives and had angioadema welts on my forehead and cheeks. I didn’t think I’d ever be free again. It’s blowing my mind that this was only a month ago!

Maya Valera
Amanda McCabe what did you take to get rid of them?

Amanda McCabe
Maya Valera i said in my post that they’ve gone away mysteriously. I did try one half hour session on accupuncture 4 days before they stopped. But i highly doubt that made them stop. It was super relaxing though!

Joanna O’Brien
Amanda McCabe I think acupuncture put my sons hives “almost” into remission!

Monica Tsikretsis
You are so beautiful!! And eff hives!!!!

Amanda McCabe
Monica Tsikretsis thank you!

Lisa Murano

Amber Winn
You look great! What are you doing for treatment now ? Is that celery juicing

Amanda McCabe
Amber Winn that was celery juice in the old photo. Did help with brain fog but not hives. No treatment at this point, not that i think i was ever being treated…more like surviving. I’m still taking supplements that seem to have helped my hair loss to slow down and I’ve already got regrowth but that’s it.

Neka Dennis
Thinking about getting a tattoo myself but scared 😱

Amanda McCabe
Neka Uwantitugotit Dennis i was nervous as hell that the tattoo would make them come back, but nope!!!

Noel Saullo
Yay! I’m happy for you… that past few day I have only gotten a few and so I’m not sure if I’m on my way to a remission again or not…. 🤞🏼 nice tattoo…

Suzy Howell
Gorgeous ink work !!
Every time I have the money to freshen mine, I have scabs from itching and hives – I don’t dare risk it. Congrats on your one month of freedom here’s to many more !

Ildiko Biro
The tattoo is beautiful but you are a bit careless. I have tó Say that. Are you nőt afraid of having hives again due tó the ink?

Amanda McCabe
Ildiko Biro i don’t feel careless is an appropriate word. I was nervous the tattoo could bring hives back…but so could looking cross eyed at a toad😆 couldn’t let that fear dictate my life and let “what ifs” stop me from something i love. Tattoos in this case.

Ildiko Biro
Amanda McCabe the point is that you look gorgeous and happy.accept my apology

Ildiko Biro
Amanda McCabe my husband has suffered from recurrent hives for 25 years. now we are at the dormant period. it can come back any time unfortunately. they appear every six seven years. i hate them

Ilse van den Bogaart
Can you tell me what you did?

Amanda McCabe
I wish i could. Nothing changed in my routine. They hives started put of nowhere and have stopped just as mysteriously.

Ilse van den Bogaart
Amanda McCabe oké than you are very lucky.. i thought maybe with some supplements or something

Marion Saunders
Wow that is some tattoo- good for you!! I have promised myself another small tattoo when my hives disappear 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻. You sound upbeat and I’m so v pleased for you – long may it last 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 😘

Pamela Riley
It’s beautiful!! I just had a back piece done Friday!! Tats are great therapy!!

Emily Bird
Go you! Xxx

Joeleen Devery
Your tatoo is fab and I hope the hives remain away. I like to get tattoos and I like your thinking of having something you like and want on your skin !

Suzie Marie
Beautiful… F hives

Melissa Flynn
Thank you for this post!!!!!!

T Om Brady
Lovely, truly.

Melissa Zaleski McCann
Love this and congrats on the hive free days and the tattoo is beautiful. I love that you are taking vitamins and supplements for the hair loss. I luckily do t have issues with hair loss and drink a superfood shake each day to keep the vitamins flowing!!!

Sophia Lorene
Happy for you…

Robin Nicole
Mine came on with a vengeance and then disappeared and then after 6 months returned again I seen a immunologist I have autoimmune chronic urticaria the doctor told me there is no cure and I can go in remission for weeks , months or even years but they will always come back

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