Stress definitely has to reason my hives

I went to meditation at the Buddhist Temple last night and this is how I woke up. I literally have 1 hive on each leg and that is it. Stress definitely has to do with my hives.


LYNN LUCAS GOULD Were you kneeling at all during your day, at meditation, or cleaning? I know that when I put any pressure on my knees, I get the same thing. Sometimes just pressure from my clothes against my knees can do it also. Not much fun 🙁
Does it hurt to walk?

JEANNIE BRZIZINSKI BOSTLER No, there aren’t any hives on my knees. They aren’t swollen. Maybe I should have posted a pic from yesterday for comparison. I woke up basically without hives, except for 2 small ones you can’t even see in this picture.

LYNN LUCAS GOULD Jeannie Brzizinski Bostler, that’s good news, not the hives part, just that your knees aren’t swollen! Yes, stress is definitely a major factor. My stress level has been up the past few days, and so have my hives

KAREN BAKER-FLETCHER Yes. Meditation is helpful

JEANNIE BRZIZINSKI BOSTLER Yes, for many things, including getting rid of hives!

CHRISTINA BLEVIN DUNKS Hmmm interesting I have a friend who has been doing this for a year now will have to ask him !

JEANNIE BRZIZINSKI BOSTLER Christina Blevin Dunks The first time we went was about 8 years ago because my daughter was having panic attacks. …meditation cured her attacks. A side effect for my husband was lowered blood pressure.
We stopped going and haven’t been there in 2 years, but I think I will start again.

ANTHONY TONY GAMBOA Yup my hives flare up during stressful times.


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