hi Suffering from chronic urticaria

Suffering from chronic urticaria

I have been suffering from chronic urticaria for 6 months and swollen lips (angioedema).
Tested for everything: allergies, infection, thyroid, all was ok.
After tons or lab testing, stool tests revealed intestine parasites.
I have done extensive research on whats going on as well as alternative medicine for treatment (because I dont like taking classic drugs).
Before you keep reading much further, make sure you get 3 day stool tests on non consecutive days looking for protozoa parasites. Mine revealed: Entamoeba coli, Endolimax nana, Iodamoeba butschlii, Giardia lamblia, Blastocystis hominis, and Trichomonas hominis.
If you are clear, then my story is of no relevance to your case.

These parasites are supposed to be harmless and in many cases our immune system is capable of getting rid of them. In my case I think stress brought my immune system down and I couldnt fight them correctly so they sat there in my intestines and started colonizing.

My understanding is that they do not directly cause the urticaria. What happens is that the parasites stick to the walls of the intestine and make them more fragile (or permeable). By weakening these walls, the “decomposed” food (which is actually toxines) that travels through the intestine “leaks” out of the intestine (leaky gut). When our immune system detects these toxins (that shouldnt be there), it starts attacking them with the defense mechanism of urticaria because it “erroneously” thinks that they are an invader.

Removing the parasites and rebuilding the intestine walls should also remove the urticaria. I have just started the treatment for this and will share with you all how things progress. But so far, so good. I wanted to share with you as soon as I could so you could benefit from my endless hours or research.

I suggest the following readings:
1. Determine if the wheals become white when you press on them.
This article describes pretty well the diagnosis:  https://www.mdedge.com/…/Docum…/December-2017/CR02801036.PDF

2. If giardia is found in your stool test. I suggest the following reading relating urticaria with giardia.

3. Follow treatment. My doctor prescribed Flagyl (Metronidazole) which is an antibiotic. My readings tell me that its pretty strong on the body and that in many cases giardia will return (so not totally killed?). Since Im no fan of antibiotics I looked for natural treatments of Giardiadisis. This is an EXCELLENT reading about it: http://www.altmedrev.com/archive/publications/8/2/129.pdf

4. Finally some more on how to naturally get rid of parasites

I started the natural parasite cleanse couple days ago. It may take a bit longer? (who cares after 6 months already) But I believe its less intrusive. I will give it a try and if it doesnt get rid of the parasites, I will try something else. After two days of natural treatment, hives still came back today BUT way way less than usual.

Important: I have been taking antihistamines for a month (levocetirizine 5mg daily) and still will for a few more days, they relief the urticaria (and some days they dont), but that medication is only to remove the urticaria as a symptom, but it DOES NOT treat the source problem. Doctors sometimes fail to explain it. Antihistamines will not cure the underlying problem causing it, it will “just” remove it.

I am not a doctor and all I am doing here is sharing my own suffering and understanding of whats going on for me in my own case. Talk to your doctor.
I really really hope all this helps, happy to share with yall.

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