Terrible pain itching burning pain swelling is insane

Terrible pain itching burning pain swelling is insane any updates on this any new cures less meds Ong can’t catch brake two months been terrible since my specialist passed sadden very smart educated specialist had me half way there now to start all over again with whom how do they know this desease like wow not sure where to go from here emergency rooms can’t even help gave me a itch cream and first time on hydroxyzine to my second those itching auwful can’t show lots unreal and very private on top two weeks been on Prednisone and Zyrtec like I’ve gained lbs seriously crazy I’m avgrivated we need cure what’s next well seeing covering physician tomorrow for finally my shots after two months and start my research on new specialist


Brenda Jackson I do get the burning,itching but Thankfully not Swelling!! Have it since last May!! Was told Lavender Oil In bath helps!! Sometimes I put baby oil on After Bath. Allergy tablets are working @ moment! Do you know cause of yours? I think mine is Sugar,Wine&Stress especially.Hope you find relief soon

Maria Lopez Hi g m hunn no I’ma request tobe retested is gotten worse by the day is got me quite worried hands feet swollen my eye this morning as well I’ll show u some didn’t get my face is gone down going to see the fill in doc this morning but I’m allergic to those only can use Vaseline is terrible thank you I’ll keep sharing any new information on this that I get thanks

Lisa Cox Prednisone didn’t work for me but medrol does. 4 for 4 days and I can go 2-3 weeks without any.

Maria Lopez Just few of many terrible itching all night long☹️ . Went in 7 meds later sent for specific blood work waiting on results darn Prednisone again 60 mlg 7 days to 20 mlg stay on half till hives completely gone have bad severe case stay on other meds so let’s see what happens wish me luck y’all good bless

Ann Kinard Im looking the same way right now just finished changing my sheets allergic to dust mites the welps seem to happen at night when im tired

Ellen Kay Kirchdoerfer Look for help from a functional medicine practitioner. If you don’t have one in your area, some chiropractor are training in functional medicine. The thousands of dollars I spent with regularly trained physicians was a waste. Only found help when I found someone will to treat the symptoms instead of covering them up with drugs.

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