Thank you for sharing your stories and advice.

I feel so bad for you all but have to say it is somewhat comforting to know I am not the only one with these dreadful hives.
I have had episodes on and off most of my life and here I go again…have had hives every single day for about 8 weeks now. I know from experience to just expect the next several months or even years to be a nightmare.
I am currently on doxepin, xyzol, Claritin, ranitidine and, of course, Benadryl.
Was diagnosed several years ago with CIU. The hives come
and do their thing then eventually go away for a few years until the next bout.
Xolair has come out since my last episode and I am very interested in it. I have an appointment with my dermatologist this coming Tuesday and will discuss. She prescribed the Doxepin and Xyzol and said I would need to try these before Xolair would be considered.
I will be spending quite a bit of time reading through the posts here. Can’t help but hope this will be my last episode – even though I know better.
Thank you again for the add and for sharing your stories and advice.


JOAN H. MORRIS Im having good luck with 2 each Zyrtec and ranitidine + Singulaire at night and 2 xyzal in the morning. Good luck to you.

PAM DEES MURPHY I keep seeing Zyrtec. Wonder if I should swap the Claritin for the Zyrtec. Thank you for the response

MICHELLE DADDATOPOOLE I am having luck with 2 Zyrtec (am/pm) two randitine (am/pm) and Dapsone. Dapsone ramped up to 50 mg in am and two in pm. Liver needs to be monitored with Dapsone.

PAM DEES MURPHY Ill have to read up on Dapsone. Havent heard of this one.

KAROLINA ANIA Hi Pam, have you been tested for autoimmune diseases? especially hashimotos or graves?

PAM DEES MURPHY Just looked up and I don’t seem to have symptoms of graves. Now I feel like I have several symptoms of hashimotos. Will definitely talk to my Dr about this. You never know. Thanks again for the heads u

KAROLINA ANIA Yw I have both symptoms of graves and hashimotos but have been diagnosed with hashimotos and my tsh is fine I do not have hypothyroidism yet.

CHARLIE ANGEL Hi Pam I had hives like you for last 6 years and they’ve just found out I’m suffering from foreign body rejection which has caused auto immune disorders they have found out it’s because I had the tvt mesh fitted in my bladder 8 years ago. Could u have had anything like this? X

MARIAN WERTALKA I get hives just like that, deep in the palms of my hands. My doctor did a stool test for candida and is treating me for that with probiotics. Let’s see what happens. Going on 3 years with this mess.

TINA ALVES Read about histamines, in my case I had to stop probiotics, yogurt, anything fermented, vinegar, etc. While having flares only fresh food, not even one day leftovers

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