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I am new to all this but wanted to share my experience.. Around August of last year I randomly broke out in hives all over my wrists and my eye was swollen and my scalp was so itchy and painful.
I went to the doctor and was put on steroids for a week, they went away and all was well for about a month. During this time I changed all my products and thought I had developed and allergic reaction to laundry soap. Well about a month later they came back with a vengeance, I was covered head to toe taking so much Benadryl was doing nothing! Also my hands were swollen and I’m not sure of the technical name but my hands had huge bruises in them that I couldn’t even close them (pic attached) I went to the doctor and demanded I see an allergist the doctor said no just take Zyrtec every day you will be fine.
Well Zyrtec was like a heaven send for me it completely cleared me up with hours and all my swelling went down. Well a few days after I became pregnant, before this whole mess started we were trying I ended up taking the Zyrtec every day during my pregnancy and thought all was fine around my 9th week I decided I didn’t want to be on any medication so I tried to stop taking the Zyrtec within minutes of my dose that was due I had hives all over it was way worse than even before as far as coming back so soon. I than started doing my own research and found that there are a lot of people who are going through “Zyrtec withdraw” apparently they say the symptoms are way worse than ever before and they can not stop taking it and many have law suits against them since the testing Zyrtec had done was only for a few days and they don’t know what it does for extended use. Anyways I decided I needed to get off of that asap. So my grandmother who is a nutritionist had me on 4,000mg of vitamin c to build my immune system, garlic caps for swelling, probiotics and vit d, along with the Zyrtec since I couldn’t live without it at that point. I ended up not eating any wheat, dairy or processed foods ( miserable being pregnant! ) I tried stopping the medication after a week of that diet and within 30 minutes of my dose being due I had them everywhere we ruled out food allergies also I have a lot of friends who have food allergies and they say it’s not really a guessing game like this you drink cranberry juice and your throat swells along with lips and eyes they can pin point it fairly well.
Anyways around 12 weeks I went for an ultrasound and found out that my baby’s heart had stopped beating around 9 weeks. It’s been about a month now and I do think my miscarriage had something to do with either getting off of medication and having an outbreak, the Zyrtec itself or too much vitamin c (I didn’t know until later that sometimes people use vit c to induce miscarriages. Sorry this is so long just wondering where to go now, my doctor still won’t send me to an allergist since the Zyrtec has helped to her it’s just take it every day but I don’t want to blame myself if this were to happen again as we still would like to add to our family as soon as we can. I’ve weened myself off the Zyrtec and started sneaking in Claritin and now I only need one Claritin every other day.
My story is not nearly as severe as the ones I am reading here and i am truly sorry for all of your struggles I can only imagine what that’s like. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this while family planning and how they dealt with it, I’m not even contacting my doctor bc I think she’s sorry an idiot! Thanks for reading have a good day!


Alexis Gilbert Work with your doctor, and OB, don’t take supplements while pregnant unless prescribed by your doctor or OB and be patient with your body. My husband and I are looking to add baby number 3 to our family hopefully with a summer/early fall 2016 baby. Claritin is actually one of the safest antihistamines to take while pregnant so if you need it while pregnant chances are you and your baby would be ok. Just be thankful that only one antihistamine every other day keeps you controlled until it goes away on its own.

Brittanni Boland Yes I am very thankful of that and that is why I switched to it I still would like to be on nothing but my doctor isn’t willing to send my to an allergist to figure out the cause so I’m kinda stuck to do my own research etc.

Jacob Hoover I just called an allergist/immunologist and made an appointment, I didn’t even ask my regular doctor.

Anne Pxyzxyz Oh, middle of the palm and sole of the foot gives are exquisitely itchy/painfu

Brittanni Boland Apparently my insurance won’t cover unless I’m my doctor refers me

Rosalyn A Jarrett-Davis Your doctor cannot refuse to give you a referrel, you are allow to have a second opinion. If he is acting like that he isn’t a good doctor. That’s a selfesh doctor. He should want to do what is best for you.

Sue Elshire Hargrave Ditto on what Rosalyn says. Time to get a doctor that will listen and problem solve with you! There are a bunch of Pennsylvania peeps on this site….I bet they could give you some doctor’s names that they trust..some may be in your area! Check out our map at the top of the page, and look to see who is in your area!

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